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  • Don’t Worry That It’s Not Good Enough for Anyone Else to Hear.

    Don’t Worry That It’s Not Good Enough for Anyone Else to Hear.

    It’s still tonight, so technically I’m still doing my update for today. And I will start it with the tail end of another fantastic email, one that might make you jealous with it’s geniusness. (At least it did for me.) Behold, Brett N’s contribution:

  • “Got my bags, got my reservations. Spent each dime I could afford.”

    In two weeks, I will be going on the world’s most romantic trip. … with my mother.

  • good reviews and me dorking out on someone else’s website.

    I love largehearted boy. First of all, he says nice things about me: Few writers are as funny as Pamela Ribon, who infuses her novels with satirical humor alongside honest glimpses into our most intimate relationships. Going in Circles is her new novel, a work that blends divorce, heartbreak, roller derby, and friendship into one […]

  • conversation with mom

    [scripty] Pamie …And then I said, “Well, that sounds dangerous, so please don’t tell me about it until it’s over or I will worry about it from now until it’s over.” Mom That’s exactly what you should have said. Pamie Which is how I knew I’d officially turned into you. I no longer want to […]

  • Yay, Germany!

    Yay, Germany!

    If I were lucky enough to be in Germany right now, I could pick up a copy of the German translation of “Why Moms are Weird.” (I’m guessing this translation based on Babelfish and plot description. Any German speakers care to correct me?) It’s my favorite thing in Germany next to Bernd das Brot. Translation: […]

  • fun with mom. (snippets from the cell phone)

    [scripty] PAMIE Mom. Mom! Richard Grieco just walked into this coffeeshop. MOM Who? Oh. From 90210. PAMIE 21 Jump Street. MOM Which one was he, again? PAMIE Booker. He’s the one who was not Johnny Depp. … Which I bet he hears all the time, including in his nightmares. He had the spin-off, remember? Booker? […]

  • office space

    office space

    I keep planning on sitting down to write my Festival of Books story. I haven’t forgotten. Instead: Two Office-related thoughts in my head lately. The first was after hearing that Jenna Fischer broke her back at the upfronts by slipping on marble stairs while wearing heels. “That’s exactly what will happen to me if I […]

  • Dear Dad,

    I can’t believe it’s been five years and three days since you died. Five years. So much has happened that you’ve missed, much of it things you told me you knew you were going to miss. You were like an oracle in that hospital bed, pointing at the television, telling me my name was going […]

  • waiting.


    Lots of waiting. I turned in the final draft of Why Moms Are Weird: The Sitcom to ABC last Thursday. Today, we are supposed to learn its fate. Will they want to shoot the pilot? As I sit here, staring at my cell phone, waiting, I realize I’ve been gone from this site for a […]

  • my thanksgiving plans… and my december plans.

    “Okay, so those are our notes, and we just want you to keep them in mind while you’re off and writing. Good luck. And we’re excited to read your script!” That was ABC. After rounds of outlines with producers and more producers and the studio and now the network, it’s time for me to sit […]