good reviews and me dorking out on someone else’s website.

I love largehearted boy. First of all, he says nice things about me:

Few writers are as funny as Pamela Ribon, who infuses her novels with satirical humor alongside honest glimpses into our most intimate relationships.

Going in Circles is her new novel, a work that blends divorce, heartbreak, roller derby, and friendship into one of summer’s most absorbing reads.

But more importantly, his website is directly responsible for at least half of the books in my “to read” stack (The rest come from Bookslut) and about 90% of my online music purchases (There rest come from The Good, The Bad and The Unknown). One of my favorite things is LHB’s “Book Notes” series, where authors write about the music that inspired their latest books. I like to think of it as a mixtape. This is probably why I ended up making a dorky mess all over LHB’s website today.

Example: Whee! Yay! “Imma do the things that I wanna do! I ain’t gotta thing to prove to you!” Screw you, grammar! I’m the awesomist!

I’m flattered he invited me invited me back, even after the Why Moms Are Weird situation. Did he learn nothing?!

But thanks to LHB’s thorough research, I also found reviews for Going in Circles that I hadn’t seen yet. Like Booklist!

“Emmy-winning screenwriter, actor, library activist, blogger, and popular novelist Ribon turns in a third tale that is at times poignant, but she more than makes up for any sensitivity with plenty of sarcasm, humor, and spirit.”

I’m very excited they gave me a good review, but I’m even more stoked that they said I have an Emmy! Because now I can call myself “Emmy-assumed-winning television writer Pamela Ribon.” This is how it starts, people.

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