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  • Notes to Boys (And Other Things I Shouldn’t Share in Public) — Now in Paperback!

    A Hello Giggles Item of the Day One of The Hairpin‘s “15 books to read now” “…what makes the book so good is that Grown-up Pam has enormous affection for Little Pam, who is, like a little sister, horribly embarrassing on the one hand and a fiercely protected loved one on the other. It’s a collection of embarrassing […]

  • Praise for SLAM!

    “SLAM #1 is one of the strongest first issues I have read in awhile. A bright, genuine approach to the human spirit… Has the potential to be one of the best new series of the year.” — Geek “A hot neon safari into a fascinating subculture…as brash as that exclamation mark suggests.” — The Guardian “This is just […]

  • When It’s Not a Game For You

    Pokémon GO has exploded all over my life. My friends are playing it at work, others are boasting finds in my Facebook feed– this morning I watched a young family catch something outside my gate on their way to the farmer’s market. But I can’t stop thinking about this essay I read: Pokémon GO is […]

  • How to Make Listening to Adele Even Sadder

    I’m in the car, driving my almost three-year-old to her preschool. Music’s playing. Her: What is this? Me: This is the Breeders. Her: It’s fast. Fast and loud. Me: That’s right. Fast and loud music helps us get all the wiggles out. You can shake your head and shake your arms and yell really loud […]

  • Recent podcast appearances

    I link to things on Twitter and Facebook, but never come here to post them, so if you’re looking for places to hear me talk about work/process/being awkward in public, here you go. This is also a list of some fantastic podcasts/people. GILMORE GUYS: These guys are so funny. They invited me to gab about […]

  • In Celebration of Roxane Gay’s BAD FEMINIST

    I wrote this piece for Roxane’s LA book party at the Last Bookstore on August 18th. It was an incredible night — people were packed deep into the store, on every floor, sitting in corners, hidden between stacks of shelves — so many men and women who stayed the entire time, despite the intense heat […]

  • I Can Be… Exhausted

    I just wanted to thank everyone who was a part of this crazy week. As someone who spent years in the tech world before becoming a comedy writer, I’ve worked in two industries that openly debate gender when it comes to capability. I wanted to write “Barbie Fucks It Up Again” after finding a book […]

  • Barbie Fucks It Up Again

    I recently paid a visit to my sweet friend Helen Jane and was excited to find this book at her house.

  • That Time Retta Called Me Out on Twitter (Further Adventures in Fan Face)

    I need you to know that I have been working on keeping my Fan Face in check. The other day, Nick from Project Runway/Under the Gunn passed me on the street and said hello to the baby and I acted like he was a face I didn’t recognize. An elevator door opened to reveal Maya […]

  • helloozzz

    If there were a kind of porn site where I just watched people who had time on their hands do all the things I wish I still had time to do, I would… well, I wouldn’t have time to watch it. These days I hear about people binge-watching entire seasons of a tv series over […]