Praise for SLAM!

SLAM #1 is one of the strongest first issues I have read in awhile. A bright, genuine approach to the human spirit… Has the potential to be one of the best new series of the year.” — Geek

“A hot neon safari into a fascinating subculture…as brash as that exclamation mark suggests.” — The Guardian

“This is just a fun damn comic book, full of vitality and optimism, successfully avoiding any whiffs of sentimentality. An assured and joyous debut.” — Doom Rocket

“…beautiful and fantastic. …[Slam is] changing the medium.” — Strip Panel Naked, Comics Alliance

“Pamela Ribon’s script reads like the best sports movie Edgar Wright will never make. [T]his is the best book being published right now. You need to read it. It’s really that simple.” – MyM Comics Buzz

“This is the book I look forward to the most right now.” — Outright Geekery (SLAM! #2)

“Oh my goodness, I love this book and Veronica Fish’s work so much that it hurts.” — Court of Nerds

“Charisma that cannot be ignored. This is another awesome comic about kick-ass women created by some kick-ass women.” — All-Comic

“[A] breath of fresh air…absolutely joyful and should absolutely set precedent for how women’s sports comics handle competition and friendships.” – Graphic Policy

“SLAM! #3 is an incredible and touching exploration not only of the power of derby but the strength and subtleties of relationships forged between women on skates and off.” – Newsarama, Best Shots Reviews

“[T]houghtful and emotional…a visually beautiful book with a strong premise and a great deal of promise.” – Newsarama, Best Shot pick of the week

Visual storytelling, ladies and gentlemen. This is how its done.” — Primary Ignition

“One of the most original comic books that I have read all year and after one issue I am already hooked. It is fresh, fun, emotional and exciting. I found myself with a smile from start to finish.” – Big Glasgow Comic

“That’s actually one of writer Pamela Ribon’s strongest points with SLAM!– the story flows perfectly from start to finish, incorporating flashbacks and cutaways with unusual but pleasing symmetry- like angles of incidence on a pool table. Ribon, who has worked on several titles for Oni Press as well as various animated features including the upcoming Moana, is very pro-girl-power without requiring girl-power to look like a specific set of behaviors for any particular person.” — NerdSpan

“Pamela Ribon crafts an excellent opening chapter that tackles issues of fear and self-doubt and the importance of perseverance and camaraderie among women.[A]bove all else a delightful read from start to finish.” — Talking Comics

“…nail[s] investment-worthy interpersonal relationships…”— Paste, Required Reading: Comics for 11/16/2016

“…no doubt this one will be a hit as well. I mean, seriously the colors in just the covers are fantastic.” — Guide Live, Must-Have Comics of the Week

“…the joy it exhibits, its winning characters, and its focus on one of the few sports dominated and defined by women, makes its sense of fun infectious.” – Capeless Crusader

“This roller derby drama has the tenacity to go the distance and I can’t wait to see what happens next.” – Geeked Out Nation

“It’s not just a comic about girls kicking butt and being competitive, although it’s that too and that’s great.” – Comics Alliance “Best Comics Ever (This Week)”

“This is a story with chutzpah and tenacity…absolutely fierce and terribly adorable.” – TFAW

” Warm, inviting and full of solid writing and characterisation surrounded by great interiors this is one of those that will charm your socks off.” – Reading with a Flightring


“…celebrates strong women, friendship and roller derby with vibrant art, punchy dialogue and grade-A  puns. …Highly recommended.” — Outright Geekery (SLAM! #1)

“It’s not often that sports comics come around and it’s even less often that a sports comic would focus on love and feminism. What makes “SLAM!” stand out is a sense of innocence. That sense of unrelenting innocence feels almost like a political statement in the current climate of not only comics, but the world; this is a comic about women and it is a comic about friendship and love and connection through strife and striking back at the world.” — Multiversity Comics

“…a fun story that I think will surprise a lot of people.” — Comicosity, Hot Five pick

“…utterly unique…Slam! offers one of the most unique perspectives on a gendered gaze in comics because of the subject matter and the fact that it’s a female driven production from top to bottom, with letterer Jim Campbell the only man involved in any stage of production. As a result, writer Pamela Ribon can leave the subtleties of interactions and evaluations open ended in interpretation knowing that the spirit will remain intact from editorial guidance through to final artwork.” — Comicosity

came out the gate with a strong first issue and is still skating hard. Slam! has my highest recommendation.” — Outright Geekery (SLAM! #3)

“Rating 9/10: Pamela Ribon lays out real and relatable characters while Veronica Fish brings them to life. This is one heck of a rewarding, and different, read. ” – Court of Nerds, Issue #3

“An incredible, character focused drama about real people and real connections and a focus on female relationships. Exactly what comics, and the world, needs right now.” — Multiversity Comics, Issue #3

Top Comics of the Week – IGN, The Weekly Stack

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