Notes to Boys (And Other Things I Shouldn’t Share in Public) — Now in Paperback!

Notes to Boys PB cover

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One of The Hairpin‘s “15 books to read now”

“…what makes the book so good is that Grown-up Pam has enormous affection for Little Pam, who is, like a little sister, horribly embarrassing on the one hand and a fiercely protected loved one on the other. It’s a collection of embarrassing stories and mortifying notes, yes, but it’s also a pretty deeply felt memoir about her introduction to boys and sex and—perhaps most painfully—learning when not to tell people how you feel.”
—Linda Holmes, NPR Monkey See and NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour

Miserably trapped in small town Texas with no invention of the internet in sight, Pamela Ribon spent countless hours of her high school years writing letters to her (often unrequited) crushes. The big question is: why did she always keep a copy for herself?

Come for the incredibly bad poetry, stay for the incredibly bad poetry about racism.

Buy your copy at Amazon, Powells, or contact your local independent bookstore.

Also available in hardcover … or an unforgettably long day with me if you buy the audiobook!

“…I enjoyed the book, and I rooted for [Little Pam]…hang around for the payoff.”
—Tiffany Turpin Johnson, LitReactor

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  1. Sherri

    Saw your episode (maybe you have more than one) of Samantha Who? Very very funny. Happy to see you write books.

  2. Binky Dyer

    Who wants to see this as a movie? I do.