Lots of waiting.

I turned in the final draft of Why Moms Are Weird: The Sitcom to ABC last Thursday. Today, we are supposed to learn its fate. Will they want to shoot the pilot?

As I sit here, staring at my cell phone, waiting, I realize I’ve been gone from this site for a very long time. I’m sorry to have neglected you. Life has been taking over… well, my life.

But I have found time to read, and I’ve discovered some great things. Since you can’t easily scroll through the box on the right that tells you what I’m putting into my head, here’s a list of everything I can remember:

And when I’m not writing or reading, I’ve been tutoring. The good folks at 826 LA make it very easy to help students become better writers. [Check here to see if there’s an 826 in your area.]

[Man, I can never write “in your area” without giggling. I’m twelve. (see: list of books above).]

And when I’m not writing, reading, tutoring or waiting, I’ve taken up a new hobby. Blame these people. Actually, blame Vince. He looked at me and asked, “Pamie, wanna play?” And then this happened:

So, now I’m gonna be a rock star. That comes with a whole new mess of responsibilities (heroin, groupies, walking around with a pic in my mouth), so I hope you don’t mind if I stop you every once in a while and go, “Wanna hear me play ‘Come As You Are’? No? How about some Weezer? I know a little Weezer.”

Actually, I don’t play for anybody. Just Vince, during our iVideo lessons. The man is a patient, patient being, and quite a gifted teacher. Sara came over one night and saw what we were doing. “Pam!” she shouted. “That’s Louisiana! In your living room! And you’re playing the guitar together!” Sometimes the Internet is awesome.

Okay. Back to waiting. Cross your fingers for me. I’d really like to stop reading so many books because I have to start working on a television show.

[Edited to add: ABC passed.]

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