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  • Book Review: Trashionista

    “Benny’s an entertaining and intelligent (if frequently unreliable) narrator and her mother is hilarious. Plus Mickey is one of the most original chick lit heroes I’ve read for a long time (the scenes between them crackle off the page).” — Keris Stainton

  • working it.

    There’s no easy way to explain this, the amount of work, luck and good fortune that goes into a lovely combination of producer interest, agenting, and studio support. Everybody has to invest time and energy and smarts and faith in creating a new possibility. On the afternoon AB Chao was flying to Los Angeles, hours […]

  • The Thank-You Round-Up

    [In lieu of an actual entry, because it’s been a little busy over here these days.] Recent reviews for Why Moms Are Weird include: “…witty, funny and self-reflective…” — Romance Junkies “Damn…how’d Pamie know all that about me?” — Sheer Mabness

  • Review: Florida Sun-Sentinel

    “…she deserves to immediately be plucked from the chick-lit ghetto — and then poised to knock talentless gimmicks such as Lauren Weisberger and Plum Sykes permanently off the best-seller lists…This joyous, single-sitting read is as bright and witty as it is wise and bittersweet. And Ribon is a sparkling talent who merits more than just […]

  • Podcast: Bat Segundo

    If you haven’t listened to the The Bat Segundo Show, you’re missing out. Edward Champion sat across from me at a cafe in Berkeley with a stack of my books, super-charged coffee, and some microphones. We talked about writing books as a franchise, chick lit, coffee, unrequited love, dysfunction, the birth of blogs, if porn […]

  • book tour info: los angeles

    Tonight, 7:30. Barnes and Noble at The Grove, I’ll be reading from Why Moms Are Weird, answering questions and handing out gifts. Special guests AB Chao and something shiny. [And thank you, Evany, for making these readings sound super-sexy. (By the way, her book makes a very romantic gift.)]

  • Reminder:

    Friday, September 22nd, I’ll be reading and signing books with my name on them at The Grove’s Barnes & Noble at 7:30. But I know you’ll really be making the journey out there to see the effortless charm and southern-sharp wit of lady AB Chao, my special guest.

  • Interview-ish: Book Notes

    I’m a huge fan of Largehearted Boy’s website, where music and words are totally boyfriend/girlfriend. So I was flattered when he said I could contribute a playlist about Why Moms Are Weird for Book Notes. The concept is to write a list of songs or albums that inspired or are featured in the novel. After […]

  • postcards from topeka

    I woke up this morning with the joke I should have fit into last night’s late-night blog about Dr. Inappropriate. (“Less Talkin’, More Doc’in.“) Meghan has posted parts of our Topeka pre-reading podcast. I’m just going to do myself a favor and not listen. But you can. She had to cut the coffee-fueled dirty parts […]

  • In Why Moms Are Weird info…

    until I have time to write a proper entry… U-Wire calls it an “eccentric read.” I’m not sure what that means.