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  • pamlea, take two.

    pamlea, take two.

    It’s riddled with typos and has the most outdated bio, but this time, this time they spelled my name correctly. The galleys are here.

  • page one.

    I’m at the coffee shop, sitting at a table, getting ready to start on my new novel. I haven’t come into this shop for the past two months except for an early morning coffee to go a couple of times. But I’m pretty sure I started my last two novels right about here, and I…

  • the perks.

    The first pass pages just arrived of Why Moms Are Weird. This is the first time it really looks like a book, with justified margins and special fonts for the chapter headings, and a dedication all in bold. This is when I somehow get even more nervous, because that means it’s only a few short…

  • stet

    I’m finishing the next draft of the manuscript. The copyeditor’s notes arrived, so my novel is marked up with hundreds and hundreds of little, red marks.

  • Liebe ohne Märchenprinz

    Liebe ohne Märchenprinz

    I love zee cover so much! Liebe ohne Märchenprinz (“Love, But No Prince Charming”, they say, is the rough translation) is out in June. I’ve had a great time emailing with the translator, explaining what exactly a “J. Crew-style director’s chair” would be. I’m sick as a dog today, and this was a wonderful surprise.…