• The Brush-Off

    nothing personal I’m actually trying to get things accomplished around here. Like today, I cleaned my car. Huzzah! I hadn’t really done that before, get down and clean the windows and floors and stuff. It’s time for me to actually start on the living room so it doesn’t look like I sit around here all […]

  • Halftime Report

    and i’m out of cigarettes So, I’m just sitting here watching the Texas/Oklahoma State game and it’s just now halftime, and it’s all strange and quiet around here. So, why not write on a Saturday? I don’t know.

  • Other Places

    because there’s no time It’s a busy day today. I was going to write all about why I cancelled my Jane Magazine subscription, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. So, here. Read this instead. It’s the piece I wrote for Mighty Big TV about the SAG strike. Happy Birthday, Douglas. I wish I […]

  • No Labor

    that’s the plan, anyway Late update today. Sorry. Kicking off Labor Day weekend a bit early, which is nice. So, it’s been 104-106 around here every day, which is unacceptable, if you ask me. It causes me to shed.

  • on being funny

    and some hate mail Someone asked me today, “Where do you think your wit comes from?” People don’t generally like that question answered with a joke, so I gave my usual, “I work very hard on it,” answer, but it got me thinking. Where did my funny come from?

  • Post Vegas Recap

    with the amount of time i spent in the spa you wouldn’t think it was possible to be this sore I’m back. Best. Trip. Ever. No, really, I had a great time. My mother said to me on our flight into Vegas, “Don’t you think it will be strange meeting a bunch of people that […]

  • Manson Lamps

    rambling and crazy lady discussions If VH-1 is going to continue to produce such addictive content, I may never do a lick of work again. I mean, come on “1984 Behind the Music?” I can’t resist that. And all this week there’s some sort of “Video Killed the Radio Star” thing about the evolution of […]

  • Thursdays Are Killing Me

    thursdays are killing me it’s time for the friday link-a-lot So, I open the Austin Chronicle yesterday afternoon, and who do I see but Paul and Andy. I’ve never seen Andy with a mohawk before. Well, if you’re gonna do an article on nudity in Austin theatre, you’d better call Andy. I’m just sayin’.

  • Clutter

    this kind of thing is my bag, baby. Well, I wasn’t going to do an entry at all, and then Friends was some sort of “Best of” episode with clips of old shows, and I hate that, so here I am. And then I just can’t sit through any more of Thursday night’s lineup until […]

  • Things That Make You Go "Ihhhh."

    not like it isn’t my fault, really. So I’m worried. About a few things. I’m worried that I’m not the right person to show people Austin. I’ve got about four days left to become a cool Austin person before stee gets here and I’m supposed to be the one to show him how cool this […]