• Calling All TiVoes.

    Hot Properties premieres tonight at 9:30 (8:30 Central) on ABC.

  • 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Recap

    Pamie and Stee (f/ Djb!) witness the further step in the devolution of the music industry in the form of the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards, hosted by the amusingly un-self-aware leader of all that is anti-art in rap music — the man so effective at whatever it is he does that he created a […]

  • Tubey’s Kids Katrina Classroom Care Donation

    Right now, teachers are using DonorsChoose to propose “Classroom Care Packages” for students dislocated by Hurricane Katrina. Television Without Pity has created a special Recapalooza in support of this effort. For every $2000 raised, a TWoP recapper will recap something weird and wonderful of their choosing (uh oh!). TWoP and Glarkware will cover any credit […]

  • Three Stories

    LA Story I felt my first real earthquake today. I mean one where I knew an earthquake was about to hit and then it did. I sat through lots of earthquakes when I lived in Palm Springs as a kid, but I don’t really remember them. We lived above the laundry facility at a hotel, […]

  • an apology

    It has been brought to my attention that my name (as well as Television Without Pity’s) was listed this past weekend in a schedule of events for a convention. I was never a confirmed speaker, and had informed the convention I would be unable to attend months ago. I apologize for those of you who […]

  • the wedding we didn’t have

    There was a time, somewhere back last spring, when we were still trying to figure out both the ceremony and the location, that we had been excited about the notion of the following: Having Allison sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah as I walked down the aisle of The Wayfarers Chapel. One week later, we’re watching The […]

  • Jennifer Weiner says of Why Girls Are Weird:

    “Chick lit at its most trenchant and truthful.” (read the rest of her interview here.) Thanks, Jennifer! I am a huge fan of her blog. Also, she was very nice and pretty when we went to see her read over the summer. She’s a TWoP fan, and you’d think we were the ones with the […]

  • The Games We Play

    I’m currently sitting on the floor typing while another version of me is currently playing on the television beside me. I’m making copies of the Anne Heche show for someone, and I’ve spent the morning calling people while watching them perform monologues. It’s a strange meta thing to talk to someone while listening to them […]

  • Coming Up for Breath

    It’s like I’m coming up for air. I’ve been going non-stop for a couple of weeks now, and I think right now at this moment I’m having my first second of silent, spare time. The fact that I’m filling it with writing an entry instead of finishing my book (I’m reading A Tree Grows In […]

  • Unique Artistic Vision and Semi-Worthy Poetry

    Caught up on TiVo, and it turns out that I hate the show I thought I’d like, and I like the show I thought I’d hate. How about that? The Anna Nicole Show was so disappointing. I couldn’t even find a reason to laugh. I just sat there staring, wondering why nobody bothered to make […]