• Weekly Review

    i think the week is getting longer So, what have I learned this week? I learned that there are some years where the Super Bowl doesn’t matter to Eric.  In fact, I only knew it was time for the Super Bowl because Howard Stern was talking about it.  For this, I thank him, as it […]

  • Pitiful

    i try new software and bore you to tears That’s me wearing my Melty shirt. I’m trying out new web software today. I’ll go back to normal tomorrow, I swear.

  • really quick

    really quick

    i ran out of time I completely ran out of time today. I’m sure most of you were celebrating your happy three-day weekend, but not me. I worked. I worked for so long that I completely ran out of time to post an entertaining entry. So, I offer this instead:

  • crazy busy

    so i give you other things to read Due to a massive amount of work-work and the need to hit the road early this evening to spend Thanksgiving I with my parents this weekend, I don’t have much time to write.

  • fun and games

    extended weekend dance remix Sorry about yesterday. There was a power outage at work for over an hour and I was in meetings the rest of the day. I’ll try and make it up to you. Next, I won’t be writing tomorrow, so here’s the extended dance remix Squishy to get you through the next […]

  • how to survive a journallers meeting

    lessons i learned 1. Leave on time. Do not start looking for a copy of what you are planning on reading half an hour before you are due to arrive. Do not then accept a phone call that takes until two when the meeting is at two.

  • Papa-san!

    Japanese makes Eric sleepy Is it Friday? No? Ah, jeez, this week is taking long enough. Go read my first Mighty Big TV Ally McBeal re-cap. It’s controversial. It’s got hot girl-on-girl action.

  • searching

    basically just a link Okay, first off, go read my new Get Real recap at Mighty Big TV. I’m rather proud of it, and I get depressed when no one posts on the Get Real forum because no one watches Get Real and then no one reads my re-cap. Go. Please?