crazy busy

so i give you other things to read

Due to a massive amount of work-work and the need to hit the road early this evening to spend Thanksgiving I with my parents this weekend, I don’t have much time to write.

Luckily, there’s a brand new Ally McBeal re-cap of mine at Mighty Big TV, and you can read my latest Technopolis article.

That should keep you pamiefied for the day.

Things in my head:

Rage Against the Machine was on MTV, with a special “TRL” called “Rage TV.” What’s up with that? Jesus.

I really like watching “The List” on VH-1. I like the concept of the “A list” made by people on the “B list.” “Well, since I can’t nominate myself for Best Rock Male, I guess I’ll pick Jim Morrison.”

Last night Cal found the Taboo box. This is a game with a buzzer, and he accidentally stepped on the box. We were in bed, and we kept hearing “Bzz!… Bzz!…. Bzzzzz!” so I can only assume that after he stepped on it once, he kept stepping on it to find out where the noise was coming from. Eric and I would stop giggling and try and fall asleep and then you’d hear a faint “Bzz!” Quite amusing, but would have been better if it wasn’t two in the morning.

Enough crazy cat talk. Have a good weekend.

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