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Okay, first off, go read my new Get Real recap at Mighty Big TV. I’m rather proud of it, and I get depressed when no one posts on the Get Real forum because no one watches Get Real and then no one reads my re-cap. Go. Please?

Because that took several hours, that’s sort of my entry for today. I’m in the middle of some freelance writing that is taking up all of my spare time. It’s making me exhausted, and consequently I didn’t even do anything for Halloween yesterday. The closest we came to celebrating was eating some Sour Patch Kids while watching Bringing Out the Dead. Hey, did any of you like that? I sure didn’t. Eric did. I joked that every time Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage had a scene together right before they shouted “Action” they would walk up with a tuner and play the “A” chord and then go, “Now, keep every sentence at this note. Never raise or lower your inflection. Action.”

Can you believe that in this day and age you can still get to where you cannot contact someone? I’ve been thinking about two of my friends from junior high/high school and I can’t get in touch with either of them right now. They both have it rigged so that they call me and tell me what’s going on, but rarely leave a phone number. I went as far as to order a search online for one of them. The other happens to have one of the most generic names in America, so there are three hundred listed in the one state I think he’s in.

I just can’t believe that you could be absolutely nowhere on the internet these days. No web pages, no e-mail, no phone numbers, no addresses, I mean you have to stay pretty far away from a computer for that to happen. Plus you have to move, like every three months, which is kind of what this friend does. I hope I find his number. When it gets this long without talking I get worried.

Okay, go read Get Real. Please. I know you didn’t do it earlier when I asked, so go do it now, okay?

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