Halftime Report

and i’m out of cigarettes

So, I’m just sitting here watching the Texas/Oklahoma State game and it’s just now halftime, and it’s all strange and quiet around here. So, why not write on a Saturday?

I don’t know.

The Austin Cool Girls meeting was a success, I think. I met them at the Bad Dog (after rudely walking up and then promptly walking away when I thought that wasn’t the table of Squishites) and after a few drinks (and a round of shots followed by another strangely free round of shots) we were pretty much all just rowdy and loud and scary. Even Eric had a good time.

And at one point we all admitted that we thought we were going to hate it. So it’s comforting to know that we all thought, “I’m so glad you didn’t end up sucking.”

We ditched the bar for the Guy Forsythe concert, where we lost most of the group due to massive amounts of alcohol combined with incredibly loud music. I even went down the street for a little while to watch the comics at the Velveeta Room.

We may have turned in rather early last night, but that’s just because tonight will be ON FIRE! Allison is on her way down as we speak, so this evening there will be the Ultimate Karaoke at the Bad Dog. Actually, it’ll probably end up being a bunch of drunk comics doing stand-up while “These Boots are Made for Walking” plays in the background. And even though the Chronicle makes it sound like my going away party, I swear this isn’t the last of me for this month. It’s more like my September farewell.

Y’all. Listen to my next couple of weeks, just so I have some sympathy.

I tech Sunday, have a show Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday there’s a going-away party for me thrown by MoMFest, Thursday is my last day at my job, followed by the premiere of Gilmore Girls, which I’m recapping for Mighty Big TV, then Friday morning I’m on a flight to Journalcon in Pittsburgh. Monday afternoon I fly back, only to wake up Tuesday morning to fly to Los Angeles to find an apartment. No pressure, but I sort of need to find a place and put down a deposit in about a week, because I need to come back here and pack everything, because we have to move out by the end of October. Oh, and the cats arrive on November 3rd.

During that time I’m still keeping up with the Statesman article, the MBTV recaps, the anime scripts, and a few other projects that I’m working on.

So, if for some reason one day I haven’t updated, it’s because I ran out of minutes in the day.

The good thing is being this busy and having this much to do might keep my thoughts away from being sad, and actually make me feel a bit anxious to get it all over with and move into my new home.

Yeah, sure, that’s exactly what will happen.

Ooh, rhythmic gymnastics. Just what the doctor ordered during halftime.

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