Mother on the Orient Express: Part Two

Did I mention that seconds after Mom showed me her dead cell phone, I found her boarding pass on the floor of the restaurant?

This is when I confiscated all of her travel documents, and would not let her have them in her possession… until we ended up in a fight while being forced to go through customs in Canada.

”Canada!” you say. “But I thought you guys were going to Europe!

Yes, dear reader. Thank you for paying attention. I will tell you all about Canada, but not until later, because right now in this story Mom and I are still trying to get out of Newark. Continue reading

Where the Huff-a-Lowe Roam.

I’m on the couch of the Lowe and Huff’s in humid, sticky Georgia. For those of you who do not know Al and Chris, they are two people who met right here on, fell in love and moved to Georgia, got married, and then their lives went a little something like a country song, as they lost a lot of people they love and then everything that was left in a tragic fire.

But they’ve rebuilt. They’ve moved on. They’ve got their love and now they’ve got this perfect baby and there’s this couch that isn’t on fire and this dog that seems really quite patient, and they’re still the same wonderful people who would bend over backwards for a friend, or fling themselves forward to maim anyone who tries to harm those they love. Continue reading

Don’t Let Mom Down!

This can’t be too long of a post, because I still have to pack and call a cab for the morning and other to-do list things before I leave for Atlanta at the crack of dawn (Happy birthday, Chris Huff!!), which means I don’t get to write about the fact that I’m about to meet my French pen pal. That will have to be written on the plane. Continue reading