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  • blackout

    it’s all over Friday morning I was completely asleep at ten twenty when there was a loud knocking on my door.  Oh, shit.  The cable guy.  If I don’t get it now and he leaves, I’m screwed. I bolted out of bed and ran across the apartment.  “I’m coming!  Hold on!”  I shouted at the […]

  • if to when

    another weekend to remember I made it. I made it to Monday.

  • sugar shack

    childhood memories involving chocolate I have been sitting around looking at that box of chocolate and I’ve been flooded with so many memories: When I was younger I was a chocolate hoarder.  I would never eat all of my Easter candy because I always wanted some left over for the option of eating later.  Having […]

  • “how’s gramma?”

    Family Feud ain’t got nothin’ on us. (I’m writing this on the 24th because I will be on a plane on the 25th, so we’ll all pretend that I’m writing this tomorrow) I forgot to mention yesterday that the one thing that kept me going during the new Advanced Tae-Bo tape was the fact that […]

  • the wall

    or why i’m afraid of wallpaper I got the part.  Starting August 1st I will be rehearsing for Polaroid Stories at Hyde Park Theatre, playing one Skinhead Girl. We are going to have a “dialogue” about what my hair will look like.  So, for now, I’ll just keep wearing it long, hoping that I’ll get […]

  • chihuahuas can talk

    and other things i learned from my grandmother It occurs to me that I’ve never mentioned my grandmother. I think this is because it may take a while to tell you everything.  This weekend my mom was up for Mother’s Day, and she went to see our play (Austinites!  Only two weeks left to see […]

  • the name game

    how i became pamie My name was almost Amanda. That’s what my mother wanted to name me.  Amanda.  Well, maybe I would have been called Mandy.  I knew a few Amandas growing up, one of which got the horrible nickname “May-May.”  (I’ve lived in the deep south, as you can see). My father was the […]

  • look out!

    why i’m just one big bruise It has gotten to the point that there is always something wrong with my body. Eric constantly threatens to trade me in for a new model. For three weeks now I’ve had an enormous bruise on my thigh from where I fell off Andy’s back during an improv show […]

  • ow.

    power pamie gets a wake-up call I’ve had some people tell me to mix up my Tae Bo with some other types of exercise to get the best results from my workout routine. Well, I’m really wanting some flexibility and strength in my back, so last night I picked up two yoga tapes, as I […]

  • the handshake

    or, how i won five dollars and changed my life I saw Chicago yesterday. Keep in mind I’ve been waiting to see this musical for twenty years, and in my head it is a very lavish and incredible piece of theatre. Somehow it got a bit lost in the translation. I love the first act […]