power pamie gets a wake-up call

I’ve had some people tell me to mix up my Tae Bo with some other types of exercise to get the best results from my workout routine. Well, I’m really wanting some flexibility and strength in my back, so last night I picked up two yoga tapes, as I was quite a bit bored with the one I have at home.

I got Power Yoga– Strength and Power Yoga– Flexibility.

Last night I did the Strength tape, as it was slightly aerobic, and I haven’t done anything since I got back from Aspen and I was feeling like a slacker.

I did the whole tape, including the part where I was doing the plow (upside down holding your legs in the air, resting on your shoulders) and I was suffocating under my breasts.

I’ll have to find a cooler way to do that move. I don’t know if it’s the sports bra I’m wearing or what. I’ll tell you what, though, there’s nothing worse than looking at yourself with gravity pulling the other way.


I am in such pain today. My back hurts. My sides hurt. I can feel everything in every part of my back and sides. I guess I found a good tape.

Skiing story I forgot to share:

After I got home from the hospital I needed to call Eric and tell him what happened, and let him know he may need to spot me some cash for a couple of days. So I followed all the “to make a collect call” instructions.

My mother answered the phone.

At first I wondered why my mom was at my house. Then I realized that I had automatically dialed my mother’s phone number, because I don’t usually call my own apartment long distance.

“You just wanted your mommy,” she said.

“I told you not to go skiing,” she added.

So, part of my brain called my mother so that I could just get it out of the way early. I shouldn’t have gone skiing. She told me that weeks ago. And you know she’s always right, so why did I fight it by skiing? They might as well have flown her into the Aspen hospital so she could have stood there during the x-rays.

“I bet this is going to be expensive. Look at all these buttons. I bet you aren’t even insured here, what with everyone being from out of town.”

“How would that happen, Mom?”

“I don’t know. It’s out of town. Strange things happen.”

And she’d be right again.

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