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  • Something For Everyone (Because this IS home.)

    Over the past month I’ve had two encounters where I’ve been talking with friends I haven’t seen in a while — both of whom I know outside the industry but work inside it — when they said to me, “I thought you went home.” “No, no, I’ve always been here,” I said. “You didn’t go […]

  • What Passes For Intelligent Conversation Around Here Lately

    [scripty] MOM I was playing with the baby and I can’t remember the toes song. PAMIE “This Little Piggy”? MOM Yeah. PAMIE Well, it’s not a song. MOM Fine, sure. But I said, “This little piggy went to market. But this little piggy didn’t go anywhere.” PAMIE Yeah, that’s not quite right. But he did […]

  • We Need a Word

    For when you’re nursing your child and your mom stands super close to watch it while she chats, and then she gets so caught up in the moment that she leans in and kisses the baby’s head, just centimeters away from your bare breast. Because that is what happened to me yesterday. Oh, does that […]

  • Why Moms Are Here

    People like to say, “I bet your mom is so excited to be a grandmother. What did she do when she found out you were having a baby?” “Oh. She immediately put her house on the market.” And they laugh. They laugh and laugh. “That would be so funny,” they chuckle. I don’t say anything. […]

  • Libraries, My Mother, Dewey and You.

    One day in and Dewey’s already making the DCPL excited and teary.

  • This Week in “Somtimes I’m Stoopid.”

    This Week in “Somtimes I’m Stoopid.”

    This week has taught me a few lessons I should’ve learned long ago. I’ll share them with you on the unlikely chance I’m not the last person to learn these things. First: I got internet scammed.

  • Why I’m Missing Mindy Kaling’s Book Signing (More Proof I Can Never Be Cool)

    So I’ve had this cold. It’s been going on for over a week at this point, which is ridiculous. Listen, if I go through all the trouble to be responsible and get the flu shot before flu season, I shouldn’t be able to get sick for ten days straight with anything. I should get credit […]

  • Mother on the Orient Express: Part Seven (The Train)

    (I broke the train into two parts. The first part of the train (part six of the story) is here.) We take the long walk toward dinner. Now we’re a little less sure on our feet. Mom’s getting tired, and I’m a little tired, and it’s darker. We make it to the bar car, which […]

  • Mother on the Orient Express: Part Six (The Train)

    Mother on the Orient Express: Part Six (The Train)

    So here’s what my mother didn’t know: that months ago I’d asked the Orient Express travel agent if she could help me make even more of Mom’s dreams come true. If you don’t remember, Mom wanted to sit in the bar car of the Orient Express, drinking a pink squirrel while listening to them play […]

  • Mother on the Orient Express: The Update

    Mother on the Orient Express: The Update

    Look, I went through a redesign and then I was in the dictionary and then I was really busy with multiple pitches and if I finish this script I’ve got due in the next couple of days I’ll have turned in a pilot script, a manuscript and a screenplay all in the past six weeks. […]