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  • Why Moms are Worried: A Phone Call

    MOM: Hello? ME: Hi, Mommy! MOM: Hello? Hello? ME: Hi. MOM: Oh! Hi, Pamie! Hello.

  • Don’t Worry That It’s Not Good Enough for Anyone Else to Hear.

    Don’t Worry That It’s Not Good Enough for Anyone Else to Hear.

    It’s still tonight, so technically I’m still doing my update for today. And I will start it with the tail end of another fantastic email, one that might make you jealous with it’s geniusness. (At least it did for me.) Behold, Brett N’s contribution:

  • “Got my bags, got my reservations. Spent each dime I could afford.”

    In two weeks, I will be going on the world’s most romantic trip. … with my mother.

  • anxiety

    Mom just brought me a chewable calcium supplement. Two, actually. “One for later,” she said, because Jason told her that Dr. Oz said somewhere that we can only absorb so much calcium at one time, so we need to take it in two doses. I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins, but I’m even […]

  • torn.

    PAMIE: [Answering phone] Hello? MOM: Do you have something you need to tell me? PAMIE: … Um… uh… well, uh… do you want to maybe give me a hint or a topic? Because this seems like a trick. MOM: Your knee. PAMIE: Oh. MOM: I do read your website, you know. I didn’t, but I […]

  • Unsent Love Letters: It’s Different at Sixteen.

    I have to admit I almost stopped after the last entry of my unsent love letters. Maybe it’s because I can see how awkward fifteen was, with the repeated unrequited love, and my completely obvious lack of experience. I was able to laugh at myself. But sixteen. I don’t know. I kind of still remember […]

  • xbox 365.

    I haven’t had a gaming system in my home for years. This has been intentional. I know myself enough to know that as soon as there’s a controller on my coffee table, all of my time will just disappear. But now there’s an Xbox in the house. XBOX? xBox? I don’t care. I don’t have […]

  • Just Another Sunday Night (with Cat and Pamie and Pamie’s Mom)

    Cat Davis thought she’d be so funny doing a dramatic reading of my first short story. …And then this happened. (Sorry about the hat. I was trying something out. Won’t happen again.)

  • conversation with mom

    [scripty] Pamie …And then I said, “Well, that sounds dangerous, so please don’t tell me about it until it’s over or I will worry about it from now until it’s over.” Mom That’s exactly what you should have said. Pamie Which is how I knew I’d officially turned into you. I no longer want to […]

  • Thank you, Senator Obama

    For the first time since the Nixon Administration, my mother has registered to vote. My mom, who actively tries to avoid knowing news because it upsets her too much, has HAD ENOUGH. She is voting for change and is on my sister’s ass to get registered by tonight’s deadline so they can vote for Obama […]