We Need a Word

For when you’re nursing your child and your mom stands super close to watch it while she chats, and then she gets so caught up in the moment that she leans in and kisses the baby’s head, just centimeters away from your bare breast.

Because that is what happened to me yesterday.

Oh, does that not happen to you on a Thursday? Then I guess maybe we don’t need a whole word for it. Maybe just a therapy session.

17 thoughts on “We Need a Word

  1. How about a word for when you are nursing in public and a stranger smiles at your baby and then that smile slowly turns to horror when they realize what is happening and that they have just smiled at your boob. And then they have to decide how to play it off – at least here in Seattle, where it would be a major faux pas to be horrified by nursing in public, so they then have to communicate via facial expression that they were horrified by the possibility that you thought they were leering, not the fact that you were nursing. I suppose other places they can just follow up with a look of disgust that boobies exist.

  2. How about realizing that not that many years ago it was you nestled up to your Moms bosom and so really, you’ve been in “Lactoproximity” hundreds of times before…and didn’t even really realize it.

  3. I think it’s sweet, but my mom and I are close. What’s fun is the reaction strangers have when they get a glimpse of your boob while you’re nursing. They look away like they’re terrified of being accused of ogling. Now THAT’s fun.

  4. That happened to me. Several times. Except it was my older sister. For some reason when I said to her, “Hi, that’s my boob right there, can you not do that right now?” she didn’t take that as a hint that it made me uncomfortable. Huh. That pretty much sums up our whole relationship, now that I think about it.

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