Mom Changed Her E-Mail Address

“Mom, you sent me a blank e-mail.”

“No, I didn’t. I sent the people an e-mail, and I said it was from my new e-mail address.”

“Yes, but you put all that in the subject line. Then you open up the e-mail and it’s blank.”

“Well, if they want to know anything else that’s going on, they’ll have to write me back!”

10 thoughts on “Mom Changed Her E-Mail Address

  1. My father frequently sends emails only in the subject line . . . mainly because they are only one sentence. And he’s usually working two full-time jobs at once. But I thought most email programs/providers won’t send blank emails.

  2. My favorite part of this exchange is where your mom said, “I sent the people an email”. Fabulous and so much like my Jersey relatives for whom “the” is an indefinite article. Example from my Nana “I like to buy the Oil of Olay at the Walgreens; it keeps my skin soft, but it doesn’t protect it from the cancer.”

  3. If my mom calls me after 8pm and it goes to voicemail she whispers her message because she is worried I’m sleeping. The concept of voicemail not being the same as an answering machine eludes her. She has a blackberry and still walks around with a massive diary that holds all her contacts and her schedule.

    Yes, if I ever have kids I expect they will have the same stories about me.

  4. I have a coworker who puts 90% of her message in the subject and I want to teach her the purpose of Subject vs Message.

    My mom always changes the subject when she’s replying to threads which annoys me because gmail so considerately wants to consolidate everything so I don’t appear to have 25 emails from my mother… even though I do. It helps with the panic attacks.

  5. I spent most of my weekend teaching my mom how to use her iPhone. This would be a nice, daughter-ly thing to do had she not already owned her iPhone for 2 years. I taught her how to use a weather app, emoticons, Starbucks app… I should win humanitarian awards for my patience.

  6. This is so my mother too! My mom also does not understand the concept of voice mail. If I don’t answer my cell the message is “Hello…are you there??” even though I have explained that I can’t hear her and pick her up after she’s gone to Voicemail. My mom also did not know how to text so she would call me at work to dictate what she wanted me to text my brother and he would reply and I would have to call her back and read the text back to her. My mom finally learned how to text but she didn’t know where the space bar was. The first text she sent to my brother looked like thismattpleasecalsmesoonineedmycreditcardback :>

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