Where the Huff-a-Lowe Roam.

I’m on the couch of the Lowe and Huff’s in humid, sticky Georgia. For those of you who do not know Al and Chris, they are two people who met right here on pamie.com, fell in love and moved to Georgia, got married, and then their lives went a little something like a country song, as they lost a lot of people they love and then everything that was left in a tragic fire.

But they’ve rebuilt. They’ve moved on. They’ve got their love and now they’ve got this perfect baby and there’s this couch that isn’t on fire and this dog that seems really quite patient, and they’re still the same wonderful people who would bend over backwards for a friend, or fling themselves forward to maim anyone who tries to harm those they love.

They would be the first to tell you about the power of the Internet, that it can unite two people hundreds of miles apart. That it can help you find employment, friendship, a Tom Selleck t-shirt. And it can send help from an entire world of anonymous strangers right to your door when you think you have lost everything.

So I know they understand why I’m on their couch late at night, clicking away on pamie.com, to take a second (or an hour) to thank you for all you’ve done over at Dewey Donation System today, and this week. (We even got tweets from RockBand!)

We’re fifty books from the goal. The video’s on standby, ready to go public. We’re just a few clicks away. Chris and Allison have both watched the video and said, “Your mom. She is going to kill you.”

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