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  • Recent podcast appearances

    I link to things on Twitter and Facebook, but never come here to post them, so if you’re looking for places to hear me talk about work/process/being awkward in public, here you go. This is also a list of some fantastic podcasts/people. GILMORE GUYS: These guys are so funny. They invited me to gab about […]

  • Hey, Pamie: “What Does a Non-Staffed TV Writer Do in February?”

    Aspiring television writers! Curious-about-writers people! Those of you sitting there thinking, “Uh, I know pamie doesn’t have a pilot, she’s not staffed, her latest book is turned in… so what the eff is she doing not updating pamie.com?” Today’s Weekly Procrastination is for you.

  • The day I have to finally admit that I might be rapidly turning into Hoda.

    The day I have to finally admit that I might be rapidly turning into Hoda.

    I’ve mentioned before, but probably not on pamie.com, that I watch Kathie Lee and Hoda most mornings. That’s not exactly true — I have it on while I’m working. Depending on which part of the house I choose to work from that day (couch if I’m feeling frustrated, desk if I’m feeling self-punishey), I will […]

  • Writing Elsewhere: Hello Giggles

    Writing Elsewhere: Hello Giggles

    Have you heard about Hello Giggles? It’s the brand-new brainchild of impressive (and funny) ladies Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi, and Molly McAleer. Hello Giggles is all about daily, girl-friendly content. In other words, the site feels like drinking a Diet Coke while listening to your favorite jam. I’m flattered they’ve asked me to be a […]

  • The Magical Vulva of Opportunity

    I read Tina Fey’s Bossypants over the weekend, because as a lady who writes comedy it is some kind of law. They sent something to my house; it was very official. And because I’m a lady who writes comedy who also likes extra credit, I went to see Tina speak with Steve Martin last week, where […]

  • Weeeee! You I You Weeee Meeeee Meeee! Youuuuu! They You I Meeeeee They Us!

    We all have those dreams where we think of the most brilliant joke or story and when we wake up we forget what it was. If we do remember the joke — usually in the shower or on the drive to work, when our brains go back to slumber-numb — it’s usually a letdown. I […]

  • Cereal Killer

    You know the kind of funny where someone’s pissed off about something and it makes you laugh, and then the more that person goes on ranting the funnier it gets and by the end you’re like, holding your breath so you can hear what she’s saying instead of just laughing? It can happen when you’re […]

  • Liz Feldman Has a New Gig

    Look, I have been friends with Liz Feldman for a very long time now and I can tell you with absolute certainty: that’s real fear in her eyes when Ray Liotta’s staring her down with his Manson Lamps. And that made me laugh.

  • “Don’t Bother Me, I’m a Douchebag Eating a Cheeseburger.”

    “Did you ever have a boyfriend who treated you badly, and you wondered, ‘Where did he learn to treat women that way? Maybe from his dad?’ Well, if his dad was named Carl Senior, then yes.” — Sarah Haskins Target Women: Carl’s Jr.

  • Samantha Who? Returns: March 26th, 8:30/7:30c

    Oh, thank God, we are back on the air. But only for like, six weeks. So, tell your friends! Tell everybody. Please. Aren’t you sick of my constant twittering and my sad youtube posts yet? Save me from unemployment. Please put us all back to work with lovely, lovely ratings. I’m embedding the promo, which […]