Writing Elsewhere: Hello Giggles

Have you heard about Hello Giggles? It’s the brand-new brainchild of impressive (and funny) ladies Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi, and Molly McAleer. Hello Giggles is all about daily, girl-friendly content. In other words, the site feels like drinking a Diet Coke while listening to your favorite jam.

I’m flattered they’ve asked me to be a contributor. My first article is up for my column “I Hate Myself For Buying This.” It’s called How One Bottle of Grey Nail Polish Has Made Me Too Important. It already appears to have the potential to start a flame war.

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  1. Scott Schulz

    Yay! A source for more Pamie writing! Bookmarked. -Your Bitter Wonderfalls Enemy

  2. Kristina

    Fab article and thanks for giving me another site at which to procrastinate!

  3. Kelly Dear

    Super stoked about this! Gotta find a way to get it onto letter format so I can share it on my blog…hrmmmmmm…I got nothin’. You got somethin?