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  • Activating Robin

    Robin, she of the Abraham Lincoln sweatshirt, explains why she has some serious boundary issues. Pamie tries to get her to hug it out. (Apologies for crappy webcam quality. Let’s pretend it’s 1999!) (It sort of looks better if you click the video, let it take you to You Tube, and then click “High Quality.” […]

  • Activating Annie

    This week: Annie got activated when we started talking about women who are obsessed with creating the perfect birth “experience.”

  • Activating Niya

    Here’s the thing about Niya. She sits across from me at the table every day, and while I never know exactly when it will happen, there will be a point where she goes off. Sometimes it’s over something seemingly innocuous, like cookies. Or dogs. I particularly enjoy the times it’s about how she would have […]

  • Holiday Shopping Suggestion: Akawelle

    Holiday Shopping Suggestion: Akawelle

    This is so beautiful: My friend Cori does incredible things. Years ago I was going to go to Africa with her to help restock a medical facility or build a school or something super-important like that, but instead I sent them my father’s laptop and started working for Mind of Mencia. I will probably never […]

  • Cat on the Prowl: Pamela Ribon

    Cat Davis had me on her show. She made me cook for her, dress her, repeatedly defend my sexual identity, and perform my unrehearsed Cat Davis impression while sleeveless in harsh sunlight. She made me laugh so hard I got all teary and so there’s something in my eye for the first half of the […]

  • conversation with mom

    [scripty] Pamie …And then I said, “Well, that sounds dangerous, so please don’t tell me about it until it’s over or I will worry about it from now until it’s over.” Mom That’s exactly what you should have said. Pamie Which is how I knew I’d officially turned into you. I no longer want to […]

  • Weird fact I recently learned:

    One-fifth of the writing staff thought I wear glasses.

  • best moment of today

    LARRY (walking down the hall): Marco?! PAM/BILLY/CHAD (from different rooms): Polo! Never gets old.

  • Dammit!

    I was trying to find video of Jean Smart accepting her Emmy for Best Supporting Actress, and I got Rick-Rolled. But anyway: Yay, Jean!

  • ack!

    In my defense, my lack of updates is not due to wanting to ignore you, but rather that life has made it difficult to update lately. Case in point: Moveable Type. Hates my work computer, for some reason. Hates the new Mac operating system, I think, because it doesn’t matter if it’s Firefox or Safari, […]