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  • Mother on the Orient Express: Part Seven (The Train)

    (I broke the train into two parts. The first part of the train (part six of the story) is here.) We take the long walk toward dinner. Now we’re a little less sure on our feet. Mom’s getting tired, and I’m a little tired, and it’s darker. We make it to the bar car, which […]

  • No! Noo! Nooo! Noooo!

    Try to pick which of the following dumb-ass moves I made in the past twenty-four hours: 1. In looking for a beloved earring, I managed to smash it underneath my shoe. Even over my own sobbing, I was able to hear my grandmother’s shrieks of horror from the afterlife. 2. While clearing space on the […]

  • Catching Up with Robin: No Job, Big Shoes

    A quick interview with former Samantha Who? writer and “Activating” favorite Robin Shorr, who has some pretty big shoes to fill.

  • Wow, It’s Finally Happening.

    Wow, It’s Finally Happening.

    This Thursday on ABC, 8:30/7:30c, watch Samantha Who?, episode: “THE DOG,” because I wrote it, which means it’s the only time my name’s in the credits at the front of the episode — the only time my family feels confident in telling people I write on the show. (“Well, otherwise your name goes so fast […]

  • Making Friday Feel Like Sunday

    Someone said to me recently, “If I were in your situation right now, where I was totally unemployed? I would spend my entire morning in my robe, drinking coffee and reading, until it was time to sit outside in the sun, drinking champagne and reading. Perhaps still in my robe. That’s what I’d do every […]

  • Using Your Internet Powers for Good.

    I already mentioned Samantha Who? is back on the air tomorrow night on ABC at 8:30/7:30c. But it turns out we’re up against the NCAA playoffs and the American Idol results show, so you know, we’re totally gonna win the time slot. …Which is where you come in. Remember that strike we went on, where […]

  • Samantha Who? Returns: March 26th, 8:30/7:30c

    Oh, thank God, we are back on the air. But only for like, six weeks. So, tell your friends! Tell everybody. Please. Aren’t you sick of my constant twittering and my sad youtube posts yet? Save me from unemployment. Please put us all back to work with lovely, lovely ratings. I’m embedding the promo, which […]

  • Activating Niya: One More Time

    Niya’s back by popular demand! Shot just before the season wrapped (before Eyesplosion ’09), Niya let me know she still had something to say about stay-at-home mothers. Watch me grow increasingly uncomfortable until I’m reduced to just stuttering. Also: secret babies, and other horrible nightmares. (Watch it in High Quality. And there’s a little bit […]

  • Activating Melanie

    The Case for Settling: Melanie really, really loves romantic comedies. No, like, really. But it’s causing some inner turmoil now that she’s noticed some romantic comedies say she’s not the kind of girl you’re supposed to choose in the end. Click the cute little “HQ” in the lower right hand corner of the clip to […]