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  • rainbows have nothing to hide.

    [scripty] AB Pa’am? PAMIE Yes, ma’am. AB … I think I don’t like Radiohead. PAMIE I guess I understand. AB These songs make me want to kill myself. PAMIE You aren’t the only person who’s said that to me. AB Is that okay? That I don’t like Radiohead? PAMIE Your marriage might suffer. It might […]

  • samantha who? and pamie where?

    samantha who? and pamie where?

    My website’s been broken for about a month, and I’ve been unable to update. Also, I’ve been busting my butt over here. Hope you watch and enjoy. Because I’d love to have this job stick around for a long time. Oh, another thing that happened while the site was down that made me think of […]

  • the internet and me were on a break (sorry).

    Oh, my goodness. It’s been a while. Sorry about that. It’s because you need to: Watch Samantha Who? starring Christina Applegate, Jean Smart, Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Esposito, starting October 15th, Monday nights on ABC. Right between Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. A night so girly, you just might ovulate! There are a […]

  • It’s Not You, It’s Me.

    No, I’m not still reading that book. And no, I’m not still listening to the Violent Femmes (thanks Delphine and Dave for your concerns about my iPod’s state). I can’t even really blame the job, but I will anyway. I’m working, and AB’s here, and life is hard and I’m trying to get this year’s […]

  • professional apartment therapist: ab chao.

    Look who’s in apartment therapy. I’m looking forward to being her guidance counselor during TV Camp. I’m currently sewing my name in my underwear, too, as I’m about to start writing for this show. Drive safely, pretty lady. LA is fixing to fix up some mimosas, and I can’t wait for the giddy combination of […]