it’s not glamourous

Here’s what I haven’t mentioned about Polaroid Stories yet: the set.

The set is a very large chain link fence that divides the playing area in half. Along the back of the set are three large ramps that go from low to high across the wall. They are about three to five feet in the air depending on which part of the incline you are looking at. Behind the audience on one side is a four and a half foot wall that you can climb up to run to the platform which is another four feet in the air. Have I mentioned I’m five foot two? At one point I have to jump off one platform, run around the fence over to the side of the audience with the wall, jump up the wall, run over to the platform, jump onto the platform (but keep my head down because I’d hit the ceiling) and then squat until I can break into a run along the entire wall of elevated three-foot wide platforms.

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quick one

just to say where i’ve been

Just a few minutes to tell you that Squishy is going to be a bit sporadic this week. I started the new job and we moved into our theatre for Polaroid Stories. I’m pretty much going from seven in the morning to almost midnight.

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lame ass entry

but i included some photos!

Last night’s rehearsal was like being in the Blair Witch Project.  Have I mentioned that we rehearse at the State Hospital?  People tell stories of patients wandering the area at night, but I tend to think that’s all myth.  What is true, however, is that sometimes my brain sees people outside the window.  There are fireflies, so sometimes a flash of light catches your eye and you glance outside.  So last night they turned off the lights to rehearse my scene, and I was in the dark with a flashlight, on the grounds of the State Hospital (which used to be called the Austin Lunatic Asylum), dodging chairs and flying things saying my lines about being lost and scared.

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my cat’s name is radiohead

she’s a big cat in a skinny cat’s body

Are you supposed to refrigerate baby food that is left over?

I am really tired this morning.  After work yesterday I went to rehearsal.  I haven’t done a “play” play in a while, so it was sort of strange to hear people using those phrases like “the world of the characters” and “finding the core” and such.  I think this is going to be a good experience for me.

If it doesn’t kill me.

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pork chop patrol

and why i’m jealous of eric

So yesterday after saying how great Lillith was doing, she went right under the couch and hid there for a good portion of the afternoon.  Eric came home for lunch, and she came out to see him and let him pet her.  He left, she went under the couch.

The vet called to check on her and told me that I should try giving her tuna water.  The only thing I can get her to do right now is drink every once in a while and eat a couple of bites.  We talked about whether to bring her in again for a check up.  The stress of going to the vet could kill her, so I’ll probably just keep giving verbal reports.

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