lame ass entry

but i included some photos!

Last night’s rehearsal was like being in the Blair Witch Project.  Have I mentioned that we rehearse at the State Hospital?  People tell stories of patients wandering the area at night, but I tend to think that’s all myth.  What is true, however, is that sometimes my brain sees people outside the window.  There are fireflies, so sometimes a flash of light catches your eye and you glance outside.  So last night they turned off the lights to rehearse my scene, and I was in the dark with a flashlight, on the grounds of the State Hospital (which used to be called the Austin Lunatic Asylum), dodging chairs and flying things saying my lines about being lost and scared.

I had Eric talk to me on the cell phone during the drive home.

I don’t have much time today, as I have rehearsal in a couple of hours and the house needs some straightening.  Some things are going to change next week that involve my e-mail address and update times, so please be patient for a week or so while I figure everything out.

Eric just called.  Turns out we’ll see each other for about fifteen minutes this evening and then we won’t see each other again until after midnight.  That’s how it’s been lately.  We’re both working on two shows and have full-time jobs and it’s just taking up all of our time.  I’m home long enough to shove some medicine in the cat’s mouth and then I end up falling asleep before I even hit the bed.  We miss each other.  It’ll be nice come October when our schedules calm down a little.  Take some time out for each other.

I’m sorry this entry is both late and lame.  I thought to finish up I’d add a couple of scanned photos, as I’m rarely home with my scanner.  Here goes:

Here’s me in L.A. from last summer.  This will show you why
I shouldn’t shave my head.  Ponytails and pigtails, maybe.

Here’s me and Eric minutes later.  We didn’t drink all of that.

Did I ever show you what I looked like skiing?  I looked
real cool on the panda slopes, eh?

When I turned 21 my mother took
us to Las Vegas.

One year for Halloween I went as
Alabama Whorley from True Romance.
I was 22.

Finally, here I am on the set of the first student film I ever was in.
I was eighteen.  It’s freaking cold.  Note sleeveless dress.  It was
twenty degrees in that building.

Okay, that’s all very lame, but seriously, Matt just called and told me there’s only three people available for tonight’s show and him and I are two of them.  We’ve got to find some more people.  Why the hell did all of the Monks go to the damn Mars Society convention?Gotta clean, gotta find some funny people, got to get to rehearsal.

Have a great weekend.

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