computer problems

no entry today

Due to system problems Squishy cannot be accessed today.

Go outside and play.

I’m not trying to cop out, there’s just nothing I can do from work today.

Sidenote: Had a great time with Polaroid Stories. I’m going to miss it.

my name is skinhead girl

it’s almost over

As much as I’ve been complaining about how busy I am, I’m really sad that Polaroid Stories is ending tomorrow.  We’ve joked about how we haven’t done this much rehearsal for a show since competitive high school theatre, where you had 35 minutes to put up a show, run it and strike it, and you were up against other high schools in your state.  We were rehearsing over thirty hours a week.  When we first got there, only some of us knew each other, and we stayed pretty quiet.  Within a week, we were hanging out and laughing like we’d known each other all along.  And the hardest part about ending a show is knowing that some of those people you probably won’t see again very often.  The only reason you met was because you both were in this show.  Otherwise your lives don’t ever cross.

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“get up, rooster! kick his ass!”

did i just say that?

Last night, for the first time in my life, I enjoyed wrestling.

This is a very new experience for me, as I’ve always had that nose-in-the-air disdain for the entire wrestling corporation.  But this was a bit different.  This was Blue High Machine.  Imagine this:  you’re at a local bar and you’re watching a theatre festival.  Comedy troupe, comedy troupe, choral Shakespeare-ish show– and then the lights go out.  The stage manager asks you to move your chairs away from the center of the bar, and fifteen men come out and set up a wrestling ring and a full band.  Lighting, sound equipment, mattresses on the ground– it took over twenty minutes.  After that they start the show in the same manner as you’d see on television.  But seeing it right in front of me was something different.  The rock music was blaring as they did the commentary on what was happening in the ring.  Four men were in this tiny ring just throwing each other around and flailing and falling into the crowd.   There were people with martinis just staring in confusion.  Others were chanting, cheering, jeering and screaming.  Some covered their ears.  Some just sat and laughed.  There was such an air of comedy and danger and fun that you couldn’t help but watch it.  Of course, I was interested mainly because I had a couple of friends in the show, but watching the stage combat right in front of you was something I hadn’t seen before.   The entire concept of a wrestling match in a theatre festival was such a nice break from what “conventional” theatre is always thought to be.  I like it when “theatre people” have to see something new.

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such a nice girl.

why is her scalp bleeding?

So, are we all back now? Is the site up and running? This has been very annoying and I apologize. It seems the server that hosts Squishy just went down for a couple of days and I couldn’t FTP or get e-mail or even look at the site. It seems to be coming back, though.

Yesterday afternoon I went to get a haircut. I swear this story has a point. It’s not that I’ve been reduced to telling you about my haircuts or anything. Anyway, I went to this place near my house and I noticed that it has been bought out by another hair-cutter place (it isn’t really a salon), and it is now called “Fast Freddy’s.” Okay. I walk in and I’m the only one in there except for the hairdresser. She immediately puts me in the chair and starts washing my hair.

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thinking about our home

We are still debating the “get a new kitty” thing at the house.  Taylor is very vocal lately, which he has never been before.  He’s constantly at our sides, which he really never did.  He lets you pet him, he plays, he runs around the house.  He cries and moans until we feed him a little treat.  I thought maybe he was just doing that to get treats, but last night he didn’t even eat it.  He played with it for a little while and then went back to crying and whining.  It’s not like him.  We think that he misses someone to beat up on, like he had with Lillith.  He would just stay hidden, come out to bat her around a little, give her a bath and then go back into hiding.  Now he’s always out.  He sleeps by my side.  He follows me around in the mornings.  Today when I was about to leave for work he stood in front of the door.  He never does that.  I’ve been leaving the television on when I leave the house, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.  But we are really worried about bringing in a new cat.  What if that’s exactly what Taylor doesn’t want?  What if he’s happier by himself, and we just don’t know that this is the happy version of Taylor?  I mean, one was a bit of a friendly bully, and this Taylor is sort of a whiny bully.  You can pet him for a while, but then he’ll bat at you.  It used to be he’d bat at you right away.  If we bring in a new cat is it going to make Taylor feel second?

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holly hobbly

my new nickname and why taylor is a bad kitty

Sometimes a weekend feels like five days.

Opening night was a big success.  We sold out, and had to turn people away at the door.  They brought in extra chairs.  People were sitting on the floor.  We had a good time.  Eric enjoyed it so much he said he’s coming to see it again (the play looks different depending on where you’re sitting).

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pamie plugs

because i’m both short on time and nervous

Sometimes the day just gets away from me.

Oh, yesterday’s MTV VMA totals:  I got 8 out of 21 correct.  I put Madonna winning in the wrong category.  If I had thought about it more, I probably would have figured it correctly.  Big surprise:  Eminem.  What I didn’t know was that he was performing.  That changes everything.  Should have done my research.

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random thoughts and plugs

Tonight is preview night for Polaroid Stories.  Preview means it’s basically an open rehearsal where you can come and see the show for free if you’re going to have a hard time coming to see the actual shows on the weekends.  Usually other actors, directors and techies come that night, since they are busy with their own shows on the weekends.  It’ll be interesting.  We haven’t really had an audience yet.  There are parts of this show that get pretty close to the audience.  I’m interested in how they’ll feel.

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pretty in pink

high school confessions and lost muscle tone

I got home yesterday to find a package on my table.  No, it wasn’t the latest book I’d ordered from Amazon.  It wasn’t CD’s.  It wasn’t a friendly package from a Squishy reader.  It was Tae-Bo Live Advanced 3.  Billy apparently decided to continue the series.

I don’t have the time to spend an hour seeing Billy’s latest device of torture.  I just don’t.

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