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  • Why I Don’t Usually Let Strangers Use My Camera

    Why I Don’t Usually Let Strangers Use My Camera

    In the stranger’s defense, he was a drunk man at The Flora-Bama, offering to help three drunk idiots take their picture behind a painted piece of wood.

  • day eleven. this one’s for allison.

    I am so sorry to all of you who have written emails that haven’t seen a response yet. Thank you to all of you who have written words of support or offers to help in any way, and I promise I’ll have time to write back to all of you and post some of them […]

  • Sending Letters to the Universe

    Happy Birthday, Jeff “Old Man” Long. Uncle Junior is wearing a party hat and not much else. Dan, I miss you. Please come home soon. Al, if the B-52’s can write a love song to a wig, so can you. Rebecca, I cannot wait to throw down at your wedding…but how will we ever top […]

  • late-night guests

    Well, someone had fun in Los Angeles. I told AB she was really getting to see what my life is like out here, from the boring parts — extremely long shuttle rides from the airport, sitting in coffee shops for long hours, getting phone call updates from me while I’m out at pitch meetings, driving […]

  • aw, go ‘ohwn.

    I had a meeting yesterday in the office across from the office where I had my very first feature general meeting, almost four years ago. About thirty seconds into our conversation — and I never do this — I asked the woman I’d just met, “Are you from Texas or Louisiana?” She stopped for a […]

  • brand new year’s eve

    Next stop on Pam Tour 2005: Monroe, Louisiana. Gonna go visit this family and this one. Many weeks ago we hatched the plan: surprise the Meat of Cheese (AKA Bitter Chris… or, post nuptials, just Chris) with a visit from pamie and stee. Welcome in our new year with old friends and auld lang blahblahblah. […]

  • flowers from alchaonon

    flowers from alchaonon

    [readermail] Subject: So… From: pamie To: Allison and Chris, AB and Vince, and stee. Message: stee just called. stee: So, I came home to find amazon boxes. For me. Probably from C3 [Patron Saint of TWoP]. pamie: Thanks for bragging. stee: And there are flowers. pamie: For me? stee: The card says, “Dan and Jane, thank you for a […]

  • Big Night

    Big Night

    Please turn some televisions to ABC tonight at 9:30 (8:30, Austinites) for Hot Properties.