Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell: Begonias

Song: “Please Break My Heart

So AB put some alt country on my iPod, and I didn’t hate it.

In fact, I’m frustrated that this is the only track I could find lyrics to link, because I love “Something Less Than Something More” the most on this album, followed by “Second Option.”Her voice reminds me of Allison’s, and the songs put me in the backseat of AB’s car — the “Player Hater” sticker flashing on her sun visor, Vince singing a song he just made up as Madeleine takes my hand and asks, “Um, when are you going to meet Hilary Duff?”

“I miss you, Mama. Now that we’re both so employed, we’re gonna have to make dates again. With wine and cigarettes.”

I don’t have date night with anybody, but I’d do it for AB. We haven’t done it in years, since I was logging graveyard shift for The Bachelor, but we’d set out times to sit down together with our cell phones and booze because it was important.

Tomorrow morning (this morning. soon. i have to go to sleep.) I’ll be talking about a script I wrote about this fantastic day, and at a certain point in the late afternoon/early evening, I’ll be sure to sip a glass of wine and take a second to be grateful for the woman who crashed my combination fried rice one night with a pair of straws and asked, “Um, so how come you’re so famous?”

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