Bettye LaVette: I’ve Got My Own Hell to Raise

Song: “The High Road”

I didn’t know anything about Bettye LaVette when this CD came into my life. So I immediately thought, “I didn’t know that Fiona lyric was a reference to an old song.” Nope. Other way around. This is a collection of covers that is so good it feels like you’ve snuck into Bettye’s house when she thought she was alone and boozy, singing sad songs while cleaning her kitchen sink.

Allison will love the Lucinda cover (you too, Omar). And Dan, will you let me hear Aimee Mann’s original “How Am I Different?”Dave told me I’d like this CD based on my love for Solomon Burke, which I only learned about because every month Dave gives a little Internet music lesson that has brought some great music into my life. He was right. Thanks, Dave.

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