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  • Virtual Book Tour date this week, plus Giveaway winners!

    Hello! This Thursday I’ll be on my laptop having a Q&A for YOU TAKE IT FROM HERE just for you! Shindig‘s hosting this event, where we’ll be in a giant video chat room together where I can answer your questions on a wide range of subjects, including my other books, writing advice, the odd private […]

  • Play Hollywood With Me

    I’m sitting on the couch working on a script that’s due, waiting on the phone to ring with some work-related answers, including the latest on how the film rights are going for You Take It From Here. I’m flattered and relieved that there’s interest. Things are moving forward (yet creeping along). One of the questions […]

  • YTIFH Book Giveaway: Thank You for Being a Friend

    I’d like to host my own little book giveaway, to thank you guys for all the support and passion you’ve given You Take It From Here and for making this book-writing thing a little less lonely. From the Amazon and Goodreads reviews, to the pictures of you with your copy you’ve posted to Facebook and […]

  • Blog Tour

    Blog Tour

    It’s been busy here at Pamie Central with the new book coming out. Have you pre-ordered yet? Did you know that pre-ordering helps me TREMENDOUSLY? If you’re a fan of anything I’ve written for free over the years and perhaps aren’t a reader of this type of book, please think about buying one for the […]

  • Places Where My Face Is

    It’s gearing up to be book tour time, when I leave the house to get in front of you and then I can’t stop talking because I don’t leave the house enough. Here’s the schedule so far.

  • Launch Party!

    Launch Party!

    Please come to the launch party for YOU TAKE IT FROM HERE. There will be books and fun.

  • Goodreads Giveaway for YOU TAKE IT FROM HERE

    I can’t believe this book will be out in just over a month! This career I have involves a lot of writing that you never ever get to see. Scripts, pitches, outlines, specs — I write so much that isn’t for public consumption, or doesn’t make it far enough to get the greenlight.

  • You Take It From Here: Book Cover

    Wanna see it? Wa-POW! Buy it right now over here.

  • Pre-order Info for You Take It From Here

    Did you know you can now pre-order my new novel? Did you know that pre-ordering is helpful to me? It means things to people like my publishers, who make all the big decisions on what happens to this book and any future books. So if you like things I write (as much as I like […]

  • Hey, Pamie: “I’m Uncomfortable with My Huge Doc.”

    Hey, Pamie: “I’m Uncomfortable with My Huge Doc.”

    This week’s Weekly Procrastination came via Twitter DM, so forgive the format.