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Did you know you can now pre-order my new novel? Did you know that pre-ordering is helpful to me? It means things to people like my publishers, who make all the big decisions on what happens to this book and any future books.

So if you like things I write (as much as I like you (I really like you, you know that, right?)), then please think about buying yourself your first summertime present. YOU TAKE IT FROM HERE comes out July 3rd, and I’ll share the cover with you as soon as I can, but for now, here’s the pre-order info.

From the author of Why Girls Are Weird comes a poignant, funny tale about two very different best friends—one terminally ill with cancer, and the other determined to do absolutely everything she can to help.

Practical, patient Danielle Meyers escaped her small Southern hometown as quickly as possible, landing herself in sunny Los Angeles as a successful homemaking consultant and recent divorcee. Her bossy, loud, impulsive best friend Smidge stayed behind in Ogden, Louisiana, and has succeeded quite soundly—wife, mother, karaoke superstar, social butterfly, and survivor of cancer. But when Smidge and Danielle reunite for their annual girls’ vacation, Smidge reveals that the cancer is back and terminal, and Danielle vows to do anything to make the last bit of Smidge’s life easier. Expecting her best friend to make such a promise, Smidge has just one request: for Danielle to take over Smidge’s family after she dies. Move back to Ogden to be a wife to her husband, and finish raising her daughter — a plan she demands they must keep secret. When the friend you love “the mostest” wants you to make her last wish come true, are you allowed to say no?

PUB DATE: July 3, 2012, trade paperback and e-book.

Buy it here from Amazon for your nightstand or Kindle.
Don’t want to buy from Amazon? Simon and Schuster has more choices here.

I hope you enjoy it. This is my pre-thank you thank you.

25 thoughts on “Pre-order Info for You Take It From Here

    1. Or you might be too busy changing a diaper, or something, to notice you’ve run out of novels. (Happy baby!)

      … unless, like me, “due date” means you have a script due. I must confess that’s what I thought you meant at first.

  1. I preordered. My birthday is the 5th, so I was going to say that it was my birthday present to myself . . . but I guess Lucy wins since it will be her actual birthday. (I do celebrate Birthday Week, so it will be part of the celebrations.)

    1. I have more than one Southern friend, more than one bossy friend, and — unfortunately — more than one loved one who has gone through cancer treatment.

      The accent, however, will be pure ABC.

    1. I think the best is that it’s ordered, period. BUT…

      Publishing is still pretty old-school, so trade paperbacks mean something, since they can be returned by book sellers when they aren’t purchased, unlike an e-book, which is never returned.

      I’ll be back later to put even more commas into that sentence.

  2. My blood tests from Tuesday came back last night and my CA-125 score is way too high, so back to the doctor I go to see if my cancer (Endometrial Adenocarcinoma) is really back. Again. As much as I love your writing, I couldn’t pre-order this book right now for anything. Just reading the description of your book terrifies me.

  3. Pre-ordered. That being said, I’d love to have a review up for the release date so that that the literally tens of people who read our site will know about it. I’ll review it in any case, ’cause it’s a Pamie book and there’s no greater cause for celebration.

  4. I pre-ordered my Kindle version for instant gratification reasons, but as with all your books I will have to also have it for my shelf. I am weird like that, well, like that and so many, many more ways.

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