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  • a lovely addition for a mantle.

    a lovely addition for a mantle.

    One year ago, we looked like this: And now look at Miss Liz Feldman: That’s an Emmy, bitches!

  • working late.

    working late.

    Working on script changes for tomorrow’s read-through. That’s okay, people have made my desk pretty (one from my husband, one from my agent. this is hollywood).

  • reality.

    reality is this: i’m currently blogging in my kitchen, waiting for an english muffin to toast in the toaster oven. i am toasting an english muffin because it is the only thing I could find to eat, and i’m blogging because I don’t know what else to do with these five minutes. I’m reading a…

  • more excuses

    I’m glad Irwin’s giving some excuses as to why the very last thing I want to do right now is write a blog entry. It’s 12:30 in the morning and I’ve just finished writing something that’s due tomorrow. This is the first night in a week that I got home from work before midnight. I…

  • the perks.

    The first pass pages just arrived of Why Moms Are Weird. This is the first time it really looks like a book, with justified margins and special fonts for the chapter headings, and a dedication all in bold. This is when I somehow get even more nervous, because that means it’s only a few short…

  • office mates

    I used to be very shy. A quiet girl who liked to read books and stay out of the way. I wrote a lot of stories to entertain myself, and I wrote them from inside a walk-in closet because I’m a dork. I avoided making new friends because I knew I’d end up moving, and…

  • while waiting on the check.

    [scripty] Pam All my W-2’s came, and it turns out I worked seven jobs last year. Tim I know. It’s crazy. Some of them, I can’t even tell what job it was. “PPI.” Hey, just put “Carlos,” so I know where the hell this money’s from. Just one word. “Hooker.” Kyle You got a W-2…

  • i’m awesome.

    Home alone on a Friday night. Two cats sleeping next to me. Gilmore Girls paused on TiVo. The episode aired January 10th. I’m a little behind in my television watching. I am smelly. I got home from work at 7:45 and proceeded to eat the biggest cheeseburger I’ve had since I left Texas.