DMX: And Then There Was X

Song: “Good Girls, Bad Guys

I’ve been working sixty hour weeks at the show, which means my brain pretty much sounds like a DMX track these days. “What?” “WHAT?” “WOO!”

Oh, my God, you guys I’m so tired and it’s seven in the morning and we’re about to drive to somewhere on the east side and everybody’s dressed like gangbangers and for some reason it was still really important to me to put on some lip gloss before I left the house so there was no time for coffee and really, what the hell is wrong with me? Lip gloss is not caffeine and on me it’s gone in five minutes (it’s already gone), and I got home at midnight and now I’m back again and it’s seven and I love my job, I really do, and it’s a good thing I do because I live here now and my desk is a mess and there’s a coffee cup here that’s had old coffee in it for about a week and I had to buy moisturizer just for work because the air here is weird and WHAT? WOO! and I haven’t returned a number of phone calls and all I wanted to do yesterday was call Dan and my mom and I didn’t have time for either because I looked up and it was already four in the afternoon and WHAT?! (Jeff Long, I’m sorry I haven’t written you back yet. You know I love you more than King Chemo.) And television is awesome (“I love television!“) but it also makes you crazy because now I’m crazy and I’m two weeks behind in Lost and I fell asleep during The Sopranos and this is exactly what it felt like to do theatre in high school when I was always tired and at rehearsal but feeling like every second of my day is used for a reason. That’s a good feeling, too. WOO! Even when the most important thing I do in a day is fix the notes from Standards and Practices, the ones that say: “pg.3: We do not say FINGER-BANG.” My job is hilarious. WHAT?!? Hey, I need more coffee. And lip gloss.

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