a lovely addition for a mantle.

One year ago, we looked like this:

And now look at Miss Liz Feldman:

That’s an Emmy, bitches!

Liz Feldman is an Emmy winner. There aren’t enough words to say how proud I am of her.

Liz has an Emmy! “Don’t worry, pamie.com,” she told me. “Yours is next.” (I just thought I’d project that thought out onto the Internet in case that’s one of the ways wishes come true.)

Not that I’m jealous.


You know what an Emmy is? Shiny. And pretty. And quite heavy. And when I held it, I squealed like a little girl. “Liz! You have an Emmy! Look at what you did! You did this!”

I think Liz loves her Emmy.

“Are you going to put those pictures on pamie.com, pamie.com?” she asked.

“You know I am. You’ve been a part of pamie.com for years. They’re going to be proud of you, too.”

“Those people who read you? They’re good people. You tell them I said that.”

Earlier in the evening I congratulated Liz’s sister Rebecca for getting into the AFI Women’s Directing program, something I’d applied to but had to drop out of because of work. Rebecca Feldman — to show you just how incredible the Feldman family is — created The 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee, and when Liz and I were performing in Aspen, that’s when Rebecca got the call that her play was going to Broadway.

“The Emmy is sharp,” I said to Liz.

“Yes. You have to be careful with it. Can’t just put it places.”

“Not something you want to shove up your ass,” stee said.

“No,” Rebecca immediately agreed.

“Is a Tony sharp?” I asked her.

“I wouldn’t know,” she says. “I don’t have a physical Tony. I have a theoretical Tony. It’s not really the same thing. Nor do I have an Obie.”


“But I do have a Lucille Lortel. And that you can shove up your ass.”

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