Tag: Nostalgia

  • Wow, It’s Finally Happening.

    Wow, It’s Finally Happening.

    This Thursday on ABC, 8:30/7:30c, watch Samantha Who?, episode: “THE DOG,” because I wrote it, which means it’s the only time my name’s in the credits at the front of the episode — the only time my family feels confident in telling people I write on the show. (“Well, otherwise your name goes so fast […]

  • ray’s home

    and other things Ray’s home. He’s learning how to play his new fishing game. Eric is on the computer. I’m on my computer. There are tons of new books and CDs around me. The three of us may never have an actual conversation again. So, this past weekend I met The Mighty Kymm (check that […]

  • Follow Me.

    because my emotions are just ripping around here. I’m in the wrong business. I know that. I can’t help it. I hate it and I love it, and I know that I have some things to work out for myself. I’m getting ahead of myself.

  • sweating and waiting

    not as sexy as it sounds. First of all, I’m just not getting enough sleep. That’s the first important thing to note. The second is that I’m sitting in my office waiting for our new web redesign to launch. We’ve been working for what feels like forever, and now it’s the final few moments. I’m […]

  • Video Made the Squishy Star

    explaining anime and my play patterns I wish I could tell you that my life is full of fun and games and whirlwind evenings of drunken hi-jinks, but in truth I’ve been at home scripting the American Dub for Lost Universe. Check out that link for the flash version of the trailer. That’s pretty cool. […]

  • Foo and Funk

    nostalgia and angst over concerts. Last night I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers / Foo Fighters concert.

  • Memory Lane

    alright, at heart, it’s a cop-out entry If Lenny Kravitz keeps this up, mark my words, in a couple of years there’s going to be an insecticide commercial on television called “Fly Away.” In the unexplained phenomena category: Both of my ears are pierced. I used to wear two small silver hoops in them about […]

  • pretty in pink

    high school confessions and lost muscle tone I got home yesterday to find a package on my table.  No, it wasn’t the latest book I’d ordered from Amazon.  It wasn’t CD’s.  It wasn’t a friendly package from a Squishy reader.  It was Tae-Bo Live Advanced 3.  Billy apparently decided to continue the series. I don’t […]

  • lame ass entry

    lame ass entry

    but i included some photos! Last night’s rehearsal was like being in the Blair Witch Project.  Have I mentioned that we rehearse at the State Hospital?  People tell stories of patients wandering the area at night, but I tend to think that’s all myth.  What is true, however, is that sometimes my brain sees people […]

  • alternate views

    finding your hometown In preparation for New Orleans, last night I started (re)reading Interview With the Vampire.  I’ve tried to read this book about three times, but right now I’m out of books, so I’m starting on this one again. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Austin, and why I like living here so […]