Memory Lane

alright, at heart, it’s a cop-out entry

If Lenny Kravitz keeps this up, mark my words, in a couple of years there’s going to be an insecticide commercial on television called “Fly Away.”

In the unexplained phenomena category:

Both of my ears are pierced. I used to wear two small silver hoops in them about two years ago. I lost the earrings, and I haven’t worn a pair of earrings since. Last month my right ear’s piercing got infected. I thought it was odd, but decided that weird stuff happens, and I took care of it. Now the other earring hole is infected. What up, yo? I thought they only got infected when you wore crappy earrings. I haven’t even done anything to them.

Busy today, so I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane with some of you, and introduce you to a sort-of Best Of to the rest of you. I got a great piece of e-mail yesterday, and I thought I’d hyperlink it up and then post it. If you’ve missed some of these stories, or you just miss them, here they all are in an easy to find placement:

I just finished reading your entry for the beginning of June 1999 where you ponder which entries we like, which ones we don’t really love to death. Well as I’ve written you before- what I like to call my “pamie-process of reading the journal” is this: I read as much as I can every day from the bottom up, PLUS I read the daily entries as well. I am currently up to June 1999. which brings me to let you know which entries I find knee slappingly (is that a word?) funny, and which ones I just only warm to a little.

The best ones I have come across so far:

The tiny wooden hands one: absolutely the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I have a glass office, and had to hide my head by the bottom of the computer so that people passing by wouldn’t know what I was doing.

The changing of the flannel sheets cause you were sick of them to the crisp new cotton sheets that gave you and Eric paper cuts all over your body. Need I say more? Funny as hell!

Todays journal entry where Taylor first decides to leave, and then decides to give the both of you another shot at parenthood. I forwarded this entry to quite a few people, and found it hysterical.

When you and Eric went out to dinner and seventeen year old girls were flirting with him. I loved this because we all go through it, and we all feel the same way.

The entry about the stupid things you do everyday of your life, like stepping in the melted ice cube puddles on the kitchen floor, falling in the same place on stage. Simply a masterpiece.

Your trip to Aspen was excellent. Any entry where you say ih, Meh, or call yourself a big, dumb… anything. always ellicits a huge laugh.

How to write a love poem was brilliant. I like when you talk about how irresponsible you and Eric are about feeding the cats and if they didn’t stand at the end of the bed and meow they would never get fed. We all know how untrue it is, but it is damn funny.

I hope that some of these past favorites help a little bit in knowing what the reader’s like. alot. Oh yeah, the entry about Eric’s Mom whispering “I didn’t realize she was so short” was great too. The entry that sucked me into in a big way was the one about Eric saying “I wish Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks could be in EVERY movie” and you thought it was original material.

just thought I’d share my favorites- believe it or not I DO have a life, a job, a home, some cats, a boyfriend, even an interest or two. But I love squishy.


She never said which ones she only liked a little, but never you mind. She was thwarted by my comedy science. My science is too tight. I guess this counts as a sort of guest entry, but really when I got that e-mail I had forgotten about some of these stories, and I wondered if you guys had as well. Tomorrow I’ll do some real work. Promise.

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