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  • She is Now…

    … FOUR–Time Emmy Winner Liz Feldman. Always proud of you, L.F. dot O.

  • scene from a bachelorette party

    [scripty] ALEX So, um, pamie. How are you holding up? …You know, with the whole Johnny Depp thing. PAMIE What? WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED? ALEX Oh. I thought you would have known. His kid is sick. PAMIE Really? Which one? ALEX I… well, I didn’t know he had more than one. PAMIE HE HAS TWO. ALEX […]

  • proud moment

    proud moment

    Who’s that up on my television screen, writing for the Oscars? Why, that’s two-time Emmy winner, Liz Feldman! (Remember when she used to just make jokes about my boobs and my butt? Me, too. I love ya, Liz Feldman dot org.)

  • a lovely addition for a mantle.

    a lovely addition for a mantle.

    One year ago, we looked like this: And now look at Miss Liz Feldman: That’s an Emmy, bitches!

  • Dear Aspen…

    [readermail] Dear Eddie Izzard, Sorry I made an ass out of myself standing next to you on a staircase. See, Jessica really likes you, and I do, too, but I wanted her to see she was standing next to you. I’m sorry I kind of pushed her into you while you were trying to dial […]

  • (we found the scarf)

    (we found the scarf)

    US Comedy Arts Festival, 2005 Aspen, Colorado Opening Night

  • up in aspen

    In the corner of this condo, by the couches, we have found wireless. I do not recommend trying to carry a stack of wood and two bags of groceries five blocks, in the snow, in the dark, by yourself. What seemed like a good idea last night became one of the dumbest things I’ve ever […]

  • “Wake up, Liz!” “Unh.” “Happy

    “Wake up, Liz!” “Unh.” “Happy Aspen!” “Happy Aspen to you.” “It’s like Christmas for Funny!” “I’m Jewish.”

  • so early, so late

    You don’t have to check the time of this post. I’ll tell you. It’s four in the morning. I’ve learned an important lesson. When you decide to drink more Diet Coke than you have in about a year, it’s best not to do it at eleven at night. I’ve been trying to fall asleep for […]

  • W is for Waiting and Writing… and Wedding… and Work… and Wow.

    So here’s what it’s like, these days, to be me. It’s what it’s like to live this life, this place where each day is as unpredictable as the next. This morning we planned our honeymoon around Sundance, because stee and Frank are finalists for the filmmaker’s lab. They won’t know until December 17th if they […]