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  • Shack Talk w/ Liz Feldman: Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler

    Two things I learned from watching this week’s Shack Talk with Liz Feldman: 1. Liz Feldman loves dick. 2. My Adam Sandler impression is way better than I get credit for.

  • Liz Feldman Has a New Gig

    Look, I have been friends with Liz Feldman for a very long time now and I can tell you with absolute certainty: that’s real fear in her eyes when Ray Liotta’s staring her down with his Manson Lamps. And that made me laugh.


    She hates my impression of her, I know. But I cannot hear this voice she uses without thinking of being by her side on a stage in Aspen, hearing a crowd break into applause over how funny she is.

  • random workday distractions

    random workday distractions

    It’s feeling very Monday in here. How about watching a little comedy from Liz Feldman? Or skip work and go see American Teen. (The Lifetime movie about my busted tailbone is called: I Only Cry When I Sneeze: The Dumbass Moves of Camle Riboy.)

  • Two Things

    Two Things

    For those of you who are Liz Feldman fans, want to be Liz Feldman fans, or enjoy all things The L Word, here’s Liz’s new Internet show: This Just Out, with Liz Feldman. Liz is a 4-time Emmy winner for her work as a writer/producer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Being the over-achiever that she…

  • strike life: laura and liz

    I just looked up “fatigue” on the Internet. That can’t be a good sign. I’m so exhausted, you guys. I can’t even explain it. One day during the Top Model strike, I went to visit Dan and sat with him for a second. He kept staring straight at his water bottle, the sunburn on his…

  • Two You Tube Finds and Ray

    First: everything you need to know about the strike, with Neal Pollack and his five-year old son Elijah. Then, another from the series Strike Life. This one features friends Laura House, Jason Allen and Liz Feldman. And for those of you wondering how to one day find yourself semi-naked with Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman,…

  • geez.

    Hey, thanks for nothing, Perez. It really would have been nice for you to post a few words about the Writers Strike or even a link to WGA.org while you were busy ganking material for your website. At least then I wouldn’t be so at a loss for words. I don’t get to work these…

  • IN DEFENSE OF ELLEN: One Writer’s Experience

    [My sweet friend and multi-Emmy award winner Liz Feldman asked if I would post her side of the quite heated Ellen debate. I love Liz and will do all I can for her. Here’s her story. — pamie] First, let me say that I wish that Ellen hadn’t crossed the picket lines. I wish that…

  • It’s Not You, It’s Me.

    No, I’m not still reading that book. And no, I’m not still listening to the Violent Femmes (thanks Delphine and Dave for your concerns about my iPod’s state). I can’t even really blame the job, but I will anyway. I’m working, and AB’s here, and life is hard and I’m trying to get this year’s…