One Night In Los Angeles

When the Ghetto Gourmet comes to your town, don’t miss the chance to eat good food in a stranger’s house. You might end up reuniting with old friends. Tandi, Julie, David (not pictured) and I worked together more than ten years ago at UT. Chef Josh was our boss back then, and that man has a way to make your evening turn into… well, kind of what you see here.

May I also recommend taking your balloon-animal-hat party over to Brass Monkey for late-night, reckless Karaoke.

Guns N’ Roses: G N R Lies

Song: “Patience

I have blown my voice out a number of times singing this song at the top of my lungs. It was in a sketch we did for about a year, where I was pleading through song to stop a break-up in the front seat of a car. It was the only sketch I wrote that my troupe did for a length of time.

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pamie interrupts to totally agree

Okay, I just have to add a few stories to the songs, in case Dan’s too modest and/or actually working to include them.

Burn: This is the song we give newbies when we want to be mean.

Careless Whisper: When Dan takes the microphone, it’s like George Michael comes and visits our house. Continue reading