very quickly

and then the tears don’t show.

This won’t be long. People are already celebrating the holiday before it’s even here. So, just some plugs.

New webhead: I’m stressed. So I procrastinate.

From the cover of the Austin Chronicle you can see that my weekend is a bit busy. Drill here to see where the final Monks shows and the final nights of my show are playing. Come see me.

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the winners

man, this took forever.

Oh, my God. There’s nothing better than the Bust A Groove soundtrack. I am shaking my ass all over the office. You can’t stop me. I don’t care if I only got four hours sleep. Heat has the best damn song. I swear to God. It rules. Rules. Here’s how much it rules. I’m gonna give it to you. There’s my gift for you. Have fun. Happy Birthday Month (If you got here too late, sorry).

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Don't Let Me Watch Your Kids

and give it up for another Cute Single Boy of the Week

We’ve got a forum topic going on disgusting things you’ve found in someone’s house, and it brought back a terrible memory of the Last Time Pamie Ever Really Considered Baby-sitting As a Form of Income.

First of all, I should explain that I was never really a good baby-sitter to begin with. Terrible. Awful. Your kid cries, I start crying. It just happens. The two of us will sit there all day long crying while you’re out and when you come back I give you a wet, sobby baby and I whimper as I take the ten dollars from your hand and I leave and hopefully never return.

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Party Girl

almost out of birthday week

Well, Birthday Week is quickly coming to a close, but I did have a rather fun time at my party this weekend. Since the digital camera is the new toy of the house, people were taking pictures left and right (that is, until the batteries died). They didn’t sign wavers or anything, but I’m pretty sure I told all of them that their pictures would be up. I think I did, anyway. Pretty sure. Yeah. I don’t know. There was lots of wine involved.

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i lose one, but prepare to win another

We didn’t win Best of the Week. Like I said, it was a tough week. For me, though, this is the first time a play of mine hasn’t advanced. Was it because my play wasn’t as good or was it because my competition was better? I’m thinking the latter. FronteraFest is becoming a very large festival, and now there’s stronger competition than ever before. The evening my show went up all of the performances were by UT students. We were all at one time classmates, and now we were competitors. We all had the same teachers. It made for a very interesting evening of theatre. We can still maybe get the Wildcard. That’s where the FronteraFest crew picks their favorites that they wished had been called back. We brought them beer, so maybe we’ll get that. That’s what Love Tools won last year.

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