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  • on hospitals and aliens.

    Dewey update: eighty donations to hospitals, detention centers, schools and library programs. It’s a rough time for fundraising, you guys. I know that I did this all quickly and on the sly, and you have all been fantastic at spreading the word, including some heavy twitter-hitters, but normally Dewey gets a few more books than…

  • Shameless Pimping:  For Reasons Unknown

    Shameless Pimping: For Reasons Unknown

    Andi Teran and Jeff Long wrote a play and got into the NYC International Fringe Festival! It’s called For Reasons Unknown and it’s fantastic. Don’t miss it, because you’re going to feel really stupid when you skipped out on the best thing happening in NYC.

  • Sending Letters to the Universe

    Happy Birthday, Jeff “Old Man” Long. Uncle Junior is wearing a party hat and not much else. Dan, I miss you. Please come home soon. Al, if the B-52’s can write a love song to a wig, so can you. Rebecca, I cannot wait to throw down at your wedding…but how will we ever top…

  • snippets.

    A moment from last month.

  • Meet New York Pam.

    Leaving Los Angeles, I got a few tips on surviving New York during the holidays. I was told: 1. I’d need heavy clothes. An enormous coat I didn’t own. Lots and lots of layers and sweaters and basically I’d need to go buy a new wardrobe and a huge suitcase to put it all in.…

  • From One Bride to Another

    From One Bride to Another

    [readermail] Subject: Warning to My Bitch (At)! To: pamie@pamie.com Dear “Pamela”, “Please” accept this “warning” from New York: Wear my wedding “guests” out at your New Year’s “nuptials” and “I” will have you “kilt”. This is “not” a “joke”. “Love”, Faye [/readermail]

  • Andi and Hamish’s Wedding (apology)

    Andi and Hamish’s Wedding (apology)

    In college Amy was a double major in HELL and CRAZY. This meant she never slept and was always on top of things. She is now about to be a doctor. Her husband, Kevin, is about to be a lawyer. And together they will own Texas in about seven years.

  • y’all don’t know!

    Oh, my God. Jerry Springer is still on the air? It’s like I paused 1997. The same crew, the same bald bouncers who stand in between fighting couples who have more tattoos than teeth. I can’t believe this is still on. Jerry paved the way for Fear Factor, The Swan and any television show starting…

  • Mandela Loves Cheese

    Mandela Loves Cheese

    I’m back. Thanks for waiting. I think I officially love New York, but I don’t see how anybody lives there all of the time. It was exhausting. Constantly moving, always spending money, sweating while cold and raining… I’ve never really been cold while sweating and wet from rain before. It was a lot of fun…

  • Great.

    What do we do with all this independence? Here’s the first problem. This holiday weekend started out really friggin’ shitty and just got kinda worse and has now mellowed out into this blah-thing that is impossible to care about, and not really like a vacation after all. Jeff’s party was fun, but just sad. Very…