i lose one, but prepare to win another

We didn’t win Best of the Week. Like I said, it was a tough week. For me, though, this is the first time a play of mine hasn’t advanced. Was it because my play wasn’t as good or was it because my competition was better? I’m thinking the latter. FronteraFest is becoming a very large festival, and now there’s stronger competition than ever before. The evening my show went up all of the performances were by UT students. We were all at one time classmates, and now we were competitors. We all had the same teachers. It made for a very interesting evening of theatre. We can still maybe get the Wildcard. That’s where the FronteraFest crew picks their favorites that they wished had been called back. We brought them beer, so maybe we’ll get that. That’s what Love Tools won last year.

And now I’m printing out programs for our other show, which is in about an hour and a half, so I have to keep this brief because I look like hell. I’ll fill you in on the show tomorrow. Then I have a show tonight with the Monks, so all in all it’s looking like a rather busy Saturday.

Yesterday I auditioned to be the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the children’s video. You know, being an actor really is strange sometimes. I’m all stoked that I may get to play a blue furry superhero.

I also found out yesterday why people hire accountants to do their taxes. My God, I do one contracted gig and now I have to fill out three forms to file. I can’t even do it over the phone anymore like I usually do. So that’s the other thing I have to do this weekend… figure out my tax return.

Want to see the program for the show? Since I just finished it, I thought I’d include it. I’m sort of obsessed with the drawing of the woman and the man drinking lately, in case you saw it over on the Monks’ site. It’s only there because I don’t have a copy of our logo right now to put in its place. I’m thinking another week until that one is resolved.

Here’s the front of the program without the pictures since I don’t have them scanned to show you:


“We’re So Much Better
Than Everyone Else”


the middle:

This is a show to end all arguments. When this show is over, one of us will be the rightest. This means when the three of us get together for the next year and we get into a film argument, one of us can shut the other two up and say, “Well, I think we know who is the rightest here, don’t we?” And that will be it. But we need your help. We need your votes.

The Rightest came to be because we are aware that not one of us can actually be wrong, it will just be that one of us is righter than the other two. It is possible that although all three of us are right in our own way, one of us will still be superior in our rightness. That is where your vote comes in.

Give us a topic concerning film. Any topic. It could be about a film, an actor, director, a genre. Whatever you’d like to hear our opinions on. The show will progress as follows:


1. Introduction, explanation, collection of topics
2. the debates
3. the lightning round
4. open forum
5. the Declaration of the Rightest


Please write your topic here:


Please use this space to make your own notes on the debate to help you keep your decision straight.


Your Decision
“I think the Rightest is–


the back:

“In a world where film is just a game– one man.. another man– and a beautiful woman must find a way– through a simple inspiration– to make sense of each other– and ultimately themselves– this spring– you will believe–there is– indeed–a Rightest.”

Jeff knows way too much about film for his own good. If there is a cinematic periodical near him that he hasn’t read he can sniff it out and will read it even if you are talking to him. Don’t take offense, he just knows that the magazine is magnificent and correct, and whatever you are droning on and on about is probably boring and wrong. Jeff is a fan of classic films, musicals, and porn.

Pam is just really happy to be a part of all this. Gosh, she just has her own opinions and things, and never really thought that all of this would come together. She would like to thank each and every one of you for coming, and would like to give each one of you a hug if she could. Wow. It’s just such an honor to be here for her, really. I guess you could say she likes film and all. She also wrote this program, but don’t let that affect your voting. You are a beautiful person, you know that? Pam really likes your shirt. No, she does, it brings out your eyes.

Chuy is pissed that this thing is so goddamn early. He used to do that “Name that Babe” poll on the internet. Oh, yeah, he did. He treats women as objects and he always drinks milk from the carton. He smokes a carton a day and hates cats. In fact, he hates you. But he loves his wife, who will probably tally the votes. Keep an eye on her.


I will win the trophy. Oh yes, it will be mine.

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