very quickly

and then the tears don’t show.

This won’t be long. People are already celebrating the holiday before it’s even here. So, just some plugs.

New webhead: I’m stressed. So I procrastinate.

From the cover of the Austin Chronicle you can see that my weekend is a bit busy. Drill here to see where the final Monks shows and the final nights of my show are playing. Come see me.

Okay… and I guess I also want to take a moment to tell you guys that Jeff leaves tomorrow morning to go live in New York. He will be missed tremendously. He’ll also be missed around here, as I’m sure he won’t have constant Internet access anymore. He’s been a pretty regular part of the forum activity here, and he was Cute Single Boy of the Week Three after all. (I haven’t had many of those lately, they all seem to have been snatched up. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you guys, though.)

So, send Jeff your love, as he’s about to embark on the Big Actor Adventure.

I don’t even know what to say about it. What do you say about someone you’ve spent the past seven years of your life with? That’s too many memories. Too many stories to share. Too many cigarettes smoked while sitting and complaining, wondering if you’re good enough, wondering if the other person knows how good they are. So many tears shed over broken hearts. Giddy smiles from new love and new shows and opening nights. So much laughter. Dancing. Good shoes and nice hair. College parties and late-night rehearsals. Failures and successes. Dealing with being away from your parents for the first time. Finding someone who will always say the right thing at the right time and not even know that they just made your entire day. Having a fan in your friend. Having time and distance mean nothing because he’s in your heart.

Visit, Jeff. And make sure you’ve got enough space for my ass when I come see you. Maybe I’ll show up when your mom comes to visit so she doesn’t get confused. (Jeff’s mom thinks I live in NY and that he’s moving in with me. When he explained that I was moving to LA she wanted to know why I don’t like NY anymore. It’s complicated. We won’t get into it.)

And I’m really too sad to write any more about it.

Or anything else. I’m nervous about my show tonight. There. There’s something.

Oh, here’s something…

Last night when we were buying dinner I said to Eric about the new CD burner, “Our new purchase is going to keep us up at night and be very expensive, I think.” Without missing a beat, the cashier looked at me and asked, “Did you guys just buy a baby?”


Have a good weekend. I’ll probably be scarce during the holiday, and then I’m off to my cousin’s wedding, but I’ll try and keep up.

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