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  • Recent podcast appearances

    I link to things on Twitter and Facebook, but never come here to post them, so if you’re looking for places to hear me talk about work/process/being awkward in public, here you go. This is also a list of some fantastic podcasts/people. GILMORE GUYS: These guys are so funny. They invited me to gab about…

  • Austin, I Will See You Soon!

    Posting my Austin Film Festival info here for those of you who I want to see, need to see, or hope to see next week. When I’m not at these places, I’m probably in the Driskill lobby, or wherever Chuy tells me to be. Austin, please get your breakfast tacos and Mexican Martinis all in…

  • Hey, Pamie: “How do I best jump-start my stalled novel and then what do I do with it?”

    Hey, Pamie: “How do I best jump-start my stalled novel and then what do I do with it?”

    Today’s weekly procrastination is making me have to use the tl;dr shorthand, which I only recently looked up as I’d never had to learn it before, because I don’t believe in its philosophy. (What if it was good, and you would’ve been so happy to have read all those words? Why so much judging on…

  • Found in Old Notes to Myself

    I think I wrote this while on an airplane. “i am working on an essay about nail polish while the lady to my right is editing her documents that attempt to change the FBI’s definition of rape in order to get more rape kits ordered. … i have done something wrong w/ my life.”

  • “Super cute script, girl.”

    “Super cute script, girl.”

    I was driving home from a features meeting yesterday listening to Scriptnotes, a podcast by Craig Mazin and John August. If you are an aspiring screenwriter and you haven’t found Scriptnotes yet, I highly encourage it. Craig plays the cranky rich guy who grumbles when a screenwriter finds this job hard while John soothes with…

  • Play Hollywood With Me

    I’m sitting on the couch working on a script that’s due, waiting on the phone to ring with some work-related answers, including the latest on how the film rights are going for You Take It From Here. I’m flattered and relieved that there’s interest. Things are moving forward (yet creeping along). One of the questions…

  • Hey, Pamie: “How do I get an agent if I’m a writer/director/filmmaker?”

    Today’s Weekly Procrastination came from an email out of last week’s comments section, and is a little out of my wheelhouse. So I enlisted the help of my longtime friend Kat Candler. Kat and I met at the Kansas City Film Festival what feels like six million years ago, and I’ve watched her grow into…

  • Hey, Pamie: “How Do I Move to LA?”

    Today’s Weekly Procrastination (which couldn’t come at a better time on my procrastination schedule), fills me with anxiety.

  • Hey, Pamie: “What Does a Non-Staffed TV Writer Do in February?”

    Aspiring television writers! Curious-about-writers people! Those of you sitting there thinking, “Uh, I know pamie doesn’t have a pilot, she’s not staffed, her latest book is turned in… so what the eff is she doing not updating pamie.com?” Today’s Weekly Procrastination is for you.