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  • morning.


    Goooood morning. I’m early for a meeting, and there’s wireless here. Yesterday I had a 9:00 meeting on the other side of town, which meant I left at 7:30 and still was a few minutes late. This morning I have an 8:00 meeting, so I left the house at 6:30. I’m here almost a full…

  • pamlea, take two.

    pamlea, take two.

    It’s riddled with typos and has the most outdated bio, but this time, this time they spelled my name correctly. The galleys are here.

  • thoughts while my feet throb…

    10pm I am tired. I have thought all day it was the wrong day, which led me to write earlier that I’d been here four days, when I’d only been here for three. Not even three, since I got in Saturday afternoon. But it feels like I’ve been here for a while.

  • go read stee

    I’m very lucky to be staffed right now. I say that a lot, because I don’t want people to think for a second that I don’t know how lucky I am to be staffed right now.

  • this is a reminder to myself

    This entry is for me. I don’t want to forget today, as I’m home now, thinking about everything that happened that led me to here. I wake up in this house that is mine, that I own, with my husband. He lets me sleep in. I get to work early. I drink coffee. Email. More…

  • Yo, yo, my new

    Yo, yo, my new

    Yo, yo, my new anthology Bookmark Now drops tomorrow, bitches! It’s pretty cool to read a Virtual Book Tour where your name is occasionally mentioned as a high point. [Notifying LA residents — I will be at the Skylight Books portion of the book tour.]

  • Bookmark Now

    Bookmark Now

    My name’s jacked on this older version of the cover, but I’m also a contributor to this upcoming anthology:

  • Sometimes I try to shield

    Sometimes I try to shield the truth from you because I don’t want you to find out that sometimes all this hard work can be even more terrifying than sticking with The Plan. If you knew that having a book comes with it a slew of unanswerable questions about your future, friendships and talent, would…

  • W is for Waiting and Writing… and Wedding… and Work… and Wow.

    So here’s what it’s like, these days, to be me. It’s what it’s like to live this life, this place where each day is as unpredictable as the next. This morning we planned our honeymoon around Sundance, because stee and Frank are finalists for the filmmaker’s lab. They won’t know until December 17th if they…