Austin, I Will See You Soon!

Posting my Austin Film Festival info here for those of you who I want to see, need to see, or hope to see next week. When I’m not at these places, I’m probably in the Driskill lobby, or wherever Chuy tells me to be. Austin, please get your breakfast tacos and Mexican Martinis all in a row because I have only so much time to eat and drink between these fun things:


Austin Pitch Prep

St. David’s Episcopal Church, Vestry Conference Room
Are you ready to give your pitch? Get prepped to sell your script –and yourself! – and ensure that your first pitch is not your last. Will you be in the select group that makes it through to the Pitch Competition Finale on Saturday night?

Trying Not To Freak Out The BFA Acting Students at UT

University of Texas Campus, Winship Building
Topics will include: “Stay in School But Don’t Stay in School Too Long Because You Need to Have a Life,” “Headshots: You Need ‘Em” and “You Don’t Have To Do Any Acting Exercise Where Someone Grabs Your Boobs: Lessons Learned Too Late.”


Chicks with Bics

The Driskill Hotel, Victorian Balcony
Women make up a small percentage of writers in Hollywood, and working toward a full-time career requires of lot of flexibility. While being a woman in the industry can be a demanding and laborious journey, female artists are constantly changing the landscape of film and television for the better. Come chat with devoted women screenwriters about their stories, viewpoints, and advice. This panel is presented by LUNA
[That last sentence is like I made a joke on a joke, but no, it’s really sponsored by Luna, the official sponsor of ladies sitting around talking about being ladies who work in an industry somewhere.]

YFP Pitch Session

The Driskill Hotel, Victorian Balcony
The student pitch sessions give high school students the opportunity to pitch their best ideas to industry professionals and receive feedback in an encouraging setting, while learning more about the art of the pitch.

Austin Pitch # 5

St. David’s Episcopal Church, Vestry Conference Room
It’s the 11th Annual Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition! Give your best pitch in 90 seconds and secure your spot in the finals at the Pitch Finale Party on Saturday night.


Pitch to Pick-Up

The Driskill Hotel, Victorian Balcony
Producing a story and producing a story-sale are two very different skills, and successful writers need to excel at both. The love for your idea can be your greatest ally or worst enemy when pitching– it all depends on how you package and deliver your material. Along with presenting a clear, core concept, you should know your market and be prepared to make a strong first impression. Writers who have had their pitches picked up will divulge how they mastered the power of persuasion, what to expect in the process, and how to balance creative integrity with compromise. [Co-Paneling with the delightful curmudgeon Don Todd]

2013 Awards Luncheon
Presented by The Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation
The Austin Club

ROUNDTABLE: Television

St. David’s Episcopal Church, Crail Hall
Get in-depth answers to your questions about the craft and business of writing for television. This session offers registrants exclusive access to TV writers, producers, showrunners, and directors in an informal setting.

This is pretty much the same amount of paneling and talking I did last year, but last year I did it while super pregnant (thus: SOBER) so here’s hoping this time I’m less… swollen and tired and prone to sudden crying jags about the recent loss of my cat. On that note, today marks one year since sweet Cal passed away, and I have to say with all honesty it hasn’t gotten any easier. I miss him every day with all of my heart. There is a tremendous hole in my life where his giant fuzzy butt used to be.

…this is probably why I’m not listed with the cool kids all the time, because I can’t even list a screenwriter conference schedule without ending it with tears about a cat. I don’t care! I’ll never change!

Extra credit reading material: Here’s a link to my tips for rocking Austin Film Festival from last year.

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  1. Brett N

    Too much talk.

    1. Pamie

      Ain’t no lie.

  2. Tamara

    So exciting! My feature is premiering there on Saturday night! Hope to see you around! (I am pregnant, so I will be the sober one puking in bathrooms because I forgot my Zofran.)

    1. Pamie

      Yay, congratulations on all your emerging projects! Hope to see you there.

  3. Rachel

    Please never change.

  4. Jami

    Wish I could play in Austin with you and the Texans!!! Have a breakfast taco and Mexican Martini for me!! xoxo

  5. Heather

    Please don’t change.

    Bonus: you’ll have coolish/non-flood weather (vs. last weekend) to hail your arrival!

    Always love you, Cal.

  6. Jodi Asadourian

    Thanks for entertaining and inspiring me in Austin, so funny! I’m happy to be discovering your blog. I can’t wait to read more anecdotes as your baby grows, humor is the only way to survive parenthood:)